5 Profitable Reasons For Investing in Fatih District in Istanbul

Fatih district in Istanbul

5 Profitable Reasons For Investing in Fatih District in Istanbul

It has many famous tourist attractions

Fatih district in Istanbul was named after Fatih Sultan Mehmet who is also known as Fatih the Conqueror as he conquered Istanbul. The sultan ordered the construction of the Fatih Mosque and its social complex in 1463, ten years after the conquest. Then, the local folks started to call the region after the name of the social complex. 

Today, Fatih is a big district that consists of 57 neighborhoods, from Yediküle, Eminönü, Aksaray, Cerrahpaşa, Cibali, Balat, Beyazıt, Alemdar, and Tahtakale to Topkapı. 

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – Because there are institutions such as the governorship, metropolitan municipality, and tax office here, Fatih is regarded as a central district. Additionally, it covers all of the areas in the historical peninsula called Suriçi, where the city was established. Therefore, it is adorned with traces of history at every corner, leaving the beholders fascinated and mesmerized. 

The historical peninsula was established on seven hills that were mentioned infamous poems. With a history of 8500 years, the Fatih district in Istanbul is rich in historical buildings. It was the most important location for the Roman Empire for 1058, while it was the capital of the Byzantine Empire for 1058 years and the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 469 years. Therefore, it is possible to see significant artifacts of these three civilizations. One can call it an “open-air museum” based on the historical sites belonging to the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. From Topkapı Palace to the Blue Mosque, everywhere you visit will make you feel like you are witnessing history itself. 

Before moving on to important reasons for you to invest in this district, we would like to remind you that if you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul, the Realista team can always find the investment that suits your needs with professional support.

Good alternatives for shopping

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – Because tourists flock to the Fatih district in Istanbul all year round, the local shopkeepers always offer the best items and brands for the shopping enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs unique to Turkey, cultural garments, or modern-day items to buy, you will find them in Fatih. Additionally, in a neighborhood called “Tahtakale”, you will come across numerous products from clothing to house decors for the most reasonable prices possible in Turkey. Mısır Bazaar and Grand Bazaar are other great alternatives to shopping for local items and taking a journey to the glorious past of Fatih district in Istanbul.

Restaurants with a wide variety of food

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – You can savor a truly Ottoman dish in first-class restaurants, or enjoy a quick fish-and-bread on the go on the coastal side in Fatih district in Istanbul. You can try famous Turkish and Middle-eastern food such as falafel for highly convenient prices. Because it is a tourist destination, the pivotal examples of the local cuisine are available in countless restaurants for every budget and every taste. You can spend a day smoking hookah in the traditional cafes, enjoying a truly exotic adventure. 

Social organizations and events in every season

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – During Ramadan, the Fatih district in Istanbul hosts many events to live up to the spirit of this holy month. But every other month spent here is, too, filled with many outdoor activities. You can enjoy a short walk among colorful roses and tulips in Gülhane Park, and take a break against the magnificent Bosphorus view. Don’t forget to explore Balat and Sirkeci districts to see the unique buildings and city attractions. You can enjoy unique shopping experiences in the historical Mısır Bazaar and Grand Bazaar to see where the heart of the culture beats. But you’d be mistaken if you think it is all traditional activities that you can find in Fatih -there are modern amenities like an ice rink to create unforgettable memories. 

Bonus: The best properties for investing in the Fatih district

White Gate

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – Consisting of 371 residences in five blocks, the White Gate project is among the most preferred real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul due to its reasonable prices. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the project for you to stay fit and healthy four-season-round. It is only fifteen minutes away from Topkapı Palace, allowing you to feel the spirit of the past to the fullest. The project’s proximity to the public transportation hubs is another reason why so many investors consider owning an apartment in the White Gate project in Fatih district in Istanbul.

Casa Glenoa 

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – Located in Topkapı, the heart of Istanbul, the Casa Gleneo project consists of 156 apartments and 11 shops in 2 blocks on an area of 5,000 square meters. There are many amenities in the project for you to enjoy, including commercial areas, wide landscaping, hobby gardens, an indoor/outdoor parking lot, children’s playgrounds, SPA center, and swimming pools for men and women, Turkish bath, fitness center, library, cinema room, and gaming room. You will experience the utmost luxury while hearing the pulse of the city, which is a unique opportunity to find in the Istanbul real estate market. You and your family will lead a fulfilling life as each day brings peace and entertainment in the Fatih district in Istanbul.

Mars Delta

Is Fatih a good place to stay in Istanbul – Attracting attention with its unique and modern architecture, the Mars Delta project aims to unite the historical atmosphere of the peninsula with a forward-looking mindset on luxury living. Large glass facades of the properties will fill your apartment with sunshine and a spacious feeling while the first-class material used in the construction will create a difference in your everyday life. The project also includes a luxury hotel and restored historical buildings, bringing harmony between the past and the future into your life. It is yours to start a privileged life in the most coveted area of Fatih district in Istanbul and benefit from all the amenities that Mars Delta has to offer. 

5 Profitable Reasons For Investing in Fatih District in Istanbul is this

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