6 Things You Need To Know Before Rent a Flat in Istanbul

rent a flat in Istanbul

6 Things You Need To Know Before Rent a Flat in Istanbul

Rent a flat in Istanbul – Nowadays, rental flat searching can be done by wandering street by street, as well as from various real estate sites in the digital world. At this moment, let’s share the first information by saying that no matter where you find the house you are looking for, visit it a few times.

In this way, you can better understand whether the perimeter of the house you want to keep, your neighbors, and many details in the house are suitable for you or not.

In addition, prepare in advance the questions you will ask the relevant person when you go home to look. Write down all the information about the house and neighborhood to make a comfortable comparison with the other houses you are looking at. In this way, even if you like the house at first, you can give up by seeing that there may be problems after the places you cannot think of.

As necessary and correct for the landlord to search for the tenant, the more necessary and correct the tenant to search for the landlord and the house, especially in large cities. At this stage, what you need to look at can be summarized as follows;

  • Check if the person you are renting the house to is the real owner of the house. You can access this information from the land registry records. The proxy can be used in some real estate transactions. In such cases, you should also investigate whether the person signing the contract is the landlord’s legal representative.
  • Be sure to confirm that the house you rented and the place seen on the title deed is the same. Because some frauds can be made in this regard. Here, again, looking at the title deed records, the door number and address of the real estate you will rent match with the door number and address in the contract.
  • If possible, talk to the apartment manager about the common areas of the apartment, the monthly fee, and the general rules of the apartment and clarify the situation.
  • Find out whether the house you will rent has earthquake resistance, whether there is any damage or not, whether the necessary tests have been carried out.

In cases where the rent is not paid on time for 3 months, this may be a reason for evacuation. Attention here! If you have the possibility of leaving the house before the end of 1 year, be sure to state this in your contract. Otherwise, the landlord may be entitled to demand the full rent from you.

Before you move in, do not forget to pay off all the bills on you in your old house and take the bills for your new rented house. In this way, you do not have to pay the debts of different people’s previous bills.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in an apartment in Istanbul?

Of course, the cost of living in Turkey is an important factor that helps immigrants settle here permanently. In a comparison standard of living and the cost of living, Turkey offers a high standard of living with low costs.

As elsewhere in the world, living in a city is always costly. Finance, economy, known as the tourist and business center of Istanbul, is the place with the highest cost of living in Turkey. In addition to high rents, daily necessities such as transportation, food and beverage and nightlife are also quite expensive. A family that does not have to pay rent can have a good standard of living with around 1,500 USD per month. Also, you can examine apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul.

Rent a flat in Istanbul

Currently, many immigrants who receive pensions from their home countries lead a luxurious life thanks to the exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and other currencies. If you have pensions over any foreign currency or your monthly income and you do not think is an appropriate amount to live in Turkey, you can consider the changing exchange rate.

If you think that own property in Turkey, which costs and additional expenses related to this article will help you. Alternatively, if you have any questions about life in Turkey, you can contact our sales representatives who will be glad to assist you.

Which neighborhood of Istanbul will more suitable for you and your family?

In this city that never sleeps, there are many things to do and many places to visit. If you want to dive into the nightlife, Beyoğlu can be appropriate. If you want to live in an aesthetic district and watch football games, Kadıköy can be appropriate and Üsküdar is a district we can recommend if you want to have peace.

Kuzguncuk, Moda, Reşitpaşa, Erenköy, Feneryolu, Ataköy, Acıbadem, Altunizade, Cihangir, Emirgan, Tarabya, Ulus, Etiler, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Beykoz and Sarıyer are the most preferred regions, especially by foreign investors and their families.

What is the approximate rent of flats in Istanbul?

Almost every district of the megacity gained great value with the urban transformation. İstanbul is Turkey’s most popular and crowded city due to the fact that thousands of people come to İstanbul every year to have a new life. As the demand increased, this also affected the house rent prices in İstanbul. Those who have a house in some districts of Istanbul also have a great income. Compared to other districts, there has been a big difference in the rental income of those who own a house in these districts.

Definitely Read the rental contract! Check your obligations

  • Title deed information and properties of the house should be clearly stated,
  • The rental fee and the time of payment should not cause suspicion,
  • Deposit should be determined and kept in a time deposit account,
  • The fixture should be determined in the residence,
  • It needs to be decided who will pay the fees and other expenses,
  • The tenant should indicate the scope of the renovation,
  • The current tenant status in the house and how the house was received should be processed,
  • You need to know what happens if the tenant terminates early.

Are there any additional costs in the rental contract like a deposit or any commission?

For problems arising from the building, the costs are generally paid by the landlord. For example, in cases such as paint, siding, leakage from the upper neighbor, the expenses belong to the landlord. However, with an agreement to be made between the tenant and the landlord, the tenant can undertake these expenses and deduct them from the rental fee. It is not mandatory to state this issue in the lease. Such issues can be resolved by mutual agreement.

In a newly moved house, if there are situations that require renovation, the landlord usually covers it. Before moving into the home, tenants can talk to the landlord about any necessary renovations and request that they are settled.

If there are some problems after the tenant moves to the house, the tenant can afford it from his own pocket and deduct it from the rent. This is a legal situation. For example, in cases such as the explosion of the installation, the breakdown of the boiler, the tenant can make the necessary repairs without asking the landlord and pay the bills to the landlord and deduct from the rent. If the landlord refuses to make these renovations and tells the tenant to take care of it and not deduct the rent, the tenant can resolve this through court. The law is always on the side of the tenant in these matters.

Finally, if you don’t want to struggle with all these processes find reliable and experienced consultancy! Aware of the scammers!

Contrary to many prejudices, getting professional real estate consultancy services to allow you to save your budget and time when purchasing real estate. You can learn the housing market best from a real estate agent who knows that area.

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