Acquisition of Turkish Nationality by Marriage

Turkish Nationality by Marriage

First of all, marrying a Turkish citizen does not grant either the citizenship right or the right to reside in Turkey to the foreigner.

These are two completely different processes that should be handled properly. 

Foreign nationals can apply to acquire Turkish nationality by marriage provided that they meet the conditions below. 

If the Turkish spouse dies after the foreigner’s application, the second condition on the list, which is to live in the unity of the family, is not stipulated, and the foreigner can become a Turkish citizen if they meet the other conditions. 

If the marriage ends, foreign nationals who have acquired Turkish nationality by marriage can keep their citizenship rights if the marriage was bona fide.

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How Can Foreigners Become Turkish Citizens?

As per the law, foreign nationals should comply with the following conditions to acquire Turkish nationality by marriage

  • They should be married to a Turkish citizen for a minimum of three years.
  • The marriage should be continuing currently.
  • The spouses should be living within the unity of marriage. The foreigner should be abstaining from acts incompatible with the unity of marriage.
  • There should not be a case where the foreigner poses a threat to public security. 

The Conditions for Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

Foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years can apply for the acquisition of Turkish nationality by marriage.

The procedures progress rapidly only if the application file is complete and proper. 

All the information and documents submitted in the citizenship application should be complete and not contrary to the facts. If there is a problem with the documents and information, the authorities will try to acquire the proper ones, which will result in slow progress in the application process. 

Exceptional Situations of Acquiring Turkish Nationality by Marriage

There are certain conditions for the documents acquired from foreign governments to be valid in Turkey. The documents should be apostilled, notarized, and translated into Turkish.  

If the document is apostilled, acquiring a notarized Turkish translation of it would be sufficient. 

You can obtain apostille certifications in the province governorates and district governorates in Turkey. Those who handle the transactions in province centers should have the documents approved in the province governorate, while those who handle the transactions in districts should do so in the district governorate. 

If the documents are obtained from a country where there is a Turkish representative office, and the documents and their translated copies are approved by the Turkish representative office, no other procedure is required for the approval of the documents. 

Additionally, underage foreigners adopted by a Turkish citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that they do not pose any threat to national security and public order. 

The Documents Required To Become a Citizen of Turkey Through Marriage

In the applications made for obtaining Turkish nationality by marriage, an application file should be prepared, and the following documents to submit should be complete and precise. 

  • The Turkish citizenship application form filed precisely 
  • The statement of claim for the application and other subjects to state, if any
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the Turkish spouse
  • A notarized, translated copy of the foreigner’s passport or other relevant documents
  • A notarized, translated copy of the foreigner’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • Formule B International Marriage Certificate 

Foreigners who reside in Turkey should submit the most recent residence permit and prior residence permits if there are any.

Documents proving the spouses are living within the unity of marriage are also necessary, such as rental contracts, bills, bank accounts, etc, to obtain Turkish nationality by marriage

The applicants should submit two copies of biometric photos taken within the last six months, before a white background, and that comply with the ICAO standards. 

If there is a finalized court decision about the foreign national for any crime, a notarized copy of this decision should be attached to the application.

After submitting a bank receipt showing that the citizenship application service fee has been paid to the relevant pay office. 

Can a Foreigner Marry a Turkish Woman?

Two foreigners of the same nationality or different nationality to marry in Turkey. Foreigners of the same nationality can get married in the relevant foreign government’s representative office in Turkey.

The marriage application of two foreigners, whether they are of the same or different nationality, are accepted by the marriage offices in Turkey upon submitting the documents mentioned above. 

As per the law, foreigners who cannot or do not want to return to their home country for certain reasons are considered a refugee. 

Stateless people, refugees, conditional refugees, those who are in subsidiary protection status, 

international protection applicants, and foreigners under temporary protection, all of who are in Turkey without a residence permit, can apply to marriage registry offices in the country. 

There are also citizenship types called exceptional and subsequently acquired citizenship for foreigners to become Turkish citizens. 

Exceptional citizenship is a citizenship type granted to people who will represent Turkey abroad and to those who have invested in Turkey. 

General citizenship acquisition is granted to foreigners who have obtained a work permit and have been residing in Turkey for five years, foreigners who have bought real estate worth $250,000, and foreigners who obtain Turkish citizenship by marriage and have been residing in Turkey for three years.

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