Advantages of Owning a House in Turkey for Foreigners

Advantages of Owning a House in Turkey for Foreigners

Owning a House in Turkey – Turkey is an attractive country for foreign investors with its geopolitical location, natural and cultural wealth, transportation facilities and newly built bridges, airports, and developed tourism, trade, entertainment life, event, and congress tourism. Besides, it is a strong country with a stable economy.

Acquiring citizenship by buying a house is for foreigners who buy at least 250 thousand dollars of real estate. The foreign individual and his / her family will have the right to Turkish citizenship in a few months. In other words, buying houses in Turkey will have made both profitable investments and will be Turkish citizens.

Is it advantageous to invest by buying a house in Turkey?

  • Lifelong residence advantage for foreign nationals, who buy a house with at least 50 thousand USD,
  • The right to become a Turkish citizen for foreign nationals, who buy a house with at least 250 thousand USD,
  • Investment profit advantage if the purchased house is sold after 3 years,
  • A bright future in a country that is modern and developing day by day,
  • Direct flights from Istanbul to 400 destinations,

Turkey allows foreigners to buy property in Turkey based on the principle of reciprocity of all foreign investors. This is one of the countries that allow Turkish citizens to buy property in the country, according to the principle that the conflict between the country’s citizens means that they can buy property in Turkey. In this context, Belgium (Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia), the USA, Canada, Iran, and other Asian and Latin American countries, and all EU citizens can freely buy property in Turkey.

Foreigners who want to become homeowners in Turkey should talk with mortgage experts of banks. And they must definitely get the answers to the questions in their minds. Foreigners can own a dream home once they meet the necessary conditions and the housing loan has been approved. Either they can consider it as an investment.

Owning a House in Turkey – After meeting with Realista’s real estate consultants who are experts in their field, it may be useful to listen to the comments of people living in the area close to that region while choosing a house that suits your wish and budget.

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