Apartment Culture and Neighborhood Relations in Turkey

Apartment Culture and Neighborhood Relations in Turkey

There are differences in the apartment culture according to the districts you live in. For example, the apartment population in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, and the apartment population in Taksim, another Istanbul district, have different characteristics. Of course, in recent years, large residences rather than in apartments, houses and detached structures on the housing estate more demand. However, the apartment culture still exists. It seems to have existed for many more years.

Neighbourhood relations in Turkey

Perhaps the most important figure in the apartments, which is the subject of films and TV series and constitutes the content of many literary works, is the manager. Managers, who regulate the income, needs and all the work of the apartment, sometimes exaggerate these situations. They can act kindly but firmly to the residents of the apartment.

Neighborhood Relations in Turkey

Advantages of living in Turkey

There is a method applied by all managers for the collection of dues apartment in Turkey. This is to reveal flats that do not pay their dues to the board located at the apartment entrance. The residents of the apartments that administrators bother with most are usually student houses. In student houses where students from other cities live together, all control is in fact with the apartment manager. Problems such as when do they come home at night, do they make too much noise, do they call many friends to the house, etc. are entirely under the control of the manager.

Besides, all detailed follow-ups such as no parking of foreign vehicles in front of the apartment, no peddlers and beggars entering the apartment are also controlled by the manager. Most of the apartment manager is usually retired, are selected from people who don’t work other business in Turkey.

Neighbourly relations are stronger than the line of descent

In neighbouring Turkey is a very important fact. However, neighbours try to solve each other’s problems in all kinds of negative situations. They support each other in every aspect, material and
spiritual. And apartment dwellers who strive to ease every challenge become like a family. Neighbourly relations are very important for the Turkish nation and there are many proverbs about
it. The importance of neighbourly relations has been emphasized with many proverbs such as “Get right neighbours rather than the right house, even in the smallest matters, one neighbour can help another, a bad neighbour makes people an owner.”

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