Can a Foreigner get a Mortgage Loan in Turkey?

Buying a House with a Mortgage Loan

When people who want to buy a house decide on the house they want to buy and find a house like their dream, they do not have the savings to buy a house, they prefer the mortgage loan opportunities offered by the banks as the fastest solution. First of all, it is investigated whether the house you want to buy is suitable for the loan. Mortgage loans, which banks give with favorable interest rates and ease of payment in the long term, with the logic of “own a house like paying rent”, are one of the most preferred loans for individuals.

Mortgage loan; It is a type of loan received from a bank to buy a house. The house purchased during the payment period of the debt is kept as collateral by the bank. You pay back your debt to the bank and the interest amount calculated as a result of the mortgage loan calculations within the specified period.

Mortgage Loan Calculations

You can get a maximum of 80% of the house value determined by real estate appraisal companies for the house you will buy. Payments in mortgage loans are made in fixed figures and the rent increases by approximately 10% each year.

The mortgage loan application includes the mortgage of the house you will buy with the loan by the bank. Thus, it is a little different than other loans. Your credit history and the suitability of the house you will buy for the loan are important ones by one. After you decide on the house to buy, your real estate agent can inform you about the most suitable loan banks and help you calculate your loan.

Realista Turkey Consultants can help you if you need expert support that will be on your side while buying your new home, getting a loan, and in all other processes, and will also control all risks for you.

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