SGK Health Insurance SGK turkey foreigners

All You Need to Know About SGK Health Insurance Before Moving to Turkey

SGK turkey foreigners & health insurance for Turkish residence permit & sgk health - The main objective of the Turkish Republic Social Security Institution is to carry out a social security system based on social insurance principles, effective, fair, easily accessible, actuarial, and financially sustainable, at modern standards. General health insurance refers to the insurance that primarily...

Why Turkey is an Ideal Destination for Health Tourism

Why Turkey is an Ideal Destination for Health Tourism

Health tourism is that going to another country for treatment only for any reason (long waiting period, affordable treatment, or better quality health service, etc.). It can be summarized as tourism created by people who travel from where they live for health purposes. Health Tourism is a type of travel for treatment purposes. In other words, it is a type of tourism that enables the growth of healthcare...

What is HES Code How to Get It

What is HES Code? How to Get It?

HES code; It is a new application made mandatory within the scope of the Ministry of Health measures for you to fly safely on all domestic flights. According to the rules; For passengers to travel on all domestic flights to carry out their flights, controls will be provided with the HES Code and the risk status of all passengers will be checked via the HES code 24 hours before the flight. How to get the...

Things to Know When Entering Turkey within Covid-19

Things to Know When Entering Turkey within Covid-19

Covid-19 - Turkey decided to lift travel restrictions on domestic and international flights in mid-June. One of the steps of controlled social life has been taken. Foreigners who came from abroad as of October 2020 is not subjected to any quarantine measures on arrival in Turkey. Instead, Turkish nationals and foreigners who have entered Turkey, undergo a medical check-up. First of all, the body...

How is the Covid-19 Treatment of Foreigners Administered?

How is the Covid-19 Treatment of Foreigners Administered?

Covid-19 Treatment - Foreigners who come within the scope of tourism and business travel to Turkey or foreigners who have a residence permit can take advantage of public and private provision of health services if they provide certain conditions within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid treatments for foreigners Foreigners who are located in Turkey for trade or tourism purposes, can apply to...

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey, How We Took Control?

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey - Turkey is the 6th most attractive country for foreign tourists. COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey - We managed to significantly slow the spread of the epidemic with many rapid steps such as stopping flights from risky areas, storing drugs that are thought to be beneficial for treatment, and producing auxiliary materials in the first weeks when Covid-19 started to be...

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