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How Can Sell Your Property in Turkey Profitably After the Investment The Best Methods

How Can Sell Your Property in Turkey Profitably After the Investment The Best Methods

Selling a house is really a very risky business. Imagine that you have invested your earnings, which you have worked for years and increased from tooth to nail, in beautiful real estate. One day you decided to sell. Many question marks will gnaw at your mind while selling it forever. You do not want to lose an investment of years after an unprofessional act. So how can you sell your home quickly and...

Can a US Citizen Retire in Turkey

Can a US Citizen Retire in Turkey?

It would be appropriate to start by answering the question of which laws the social security rights of foreigners are protected. "Everyone has the right to social security" provision takes place in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey. This expression also includes the social rights of foreigners. The Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law also addresses this issue. According to the...

rent a flat in Istanbul

6 Things You Need To Know Before Rent a Flat in Istanbul

Rent a flat in Istanbul - Nowadays, rental flat searching can be done by wandering street by street, as well as from various real estate sites in the digital world. At this moment, let's share the first information by saying that no matter where you find the house you are looking for, visit it a few times. In this way, you can better understand whether the perimeter of the house you want to keep, your...

Investing in Property

Investing in Property or in Land Which is Better?

Investing in Property - Have you heard that land investment is an investment that offers suitable options for every investor in the desired term, gives its return in the medium term and starts to earn the moment it is received? It is possible to talk about 4 main rules for the right land investment. Make the investment through the right intermediaries so that you can find a counterpart when you have any...

Real estate consultant

What is a Real Estate Consultant?

The real estate agent is a professional title given to people who carry out transactions such as villas, residences, land, and similar properties within the framework of certain rules. It serves potential customers or new customers by creating its own portfolio. The job description of the real estate consultant serving in the field developing in parallel with the real estate sector includes: To...

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home in Turkey

Hidden costs of buying a home in Turkey - Shall we say that you found your dream house; the location is great, the house is in a central location and the expenses don’t over your budget. Well, do you know the expenses you may encounter while you are buying your first home? In this exciting process, you have to anticipate possible expenses and plan accordingly. 10 Hidden Costs of Buying a Home Here is...

Gross Square Meter

What is Gross and Net Square Meters?

If you are in search of a house, you will often come across the expressions of net square meters and gross square meters. The consumer who buys housing from the model also takes many risks. There is a possibility that the project may not be completed, and flats marketed with glamorous catalogs decorated with magnificent pictures may not meet expectations when delivered. One of the most confusing and...

How do Foreigners Buy a House from Turkey

How do Foreigners Buy a House from Turkey?

Buy a House from Turkey - Foreign nationals can buy a property in Turkey provided that they comply with legal restrictions. To purchase real estate by foreigners are not required to have a residence permit in Turkey. What should foreigners know to buy a house in Turkey? You must apply to the Land Registry Directorate or the Republic of Turkey Embassies / Consulates and you should learn which...

Urban Transformation Projects in Istanbul

Urban Transformation Projects in Istanbul

Urban transformation; can be defined as a comprehensive project design process that takes into account the economic, spatial, and social conditions in the improvement of unhealthy urban textures and in the solution of urban problems. Urban transformation projects aim to create healthy, safe, and modern buildings and living spaces in urban space standards in line with the urban roles that the project...

Important Tips for Home and Workplace Safety

Important Tips for Home and Workplace Safety

Home and Workplace Safety - According to research, about fifty percent of theft incidents involving spaces occur in the form of intruders through the door. For this reason, we can say that the first condition is that the exterior doors must be locked unless they are in place. Even if the person leaves their home or workplace for a short time, they must definitely lock their door; He/she should not think,...

Attention When Buying Flat For Sale From Owner

Attention When Buying Flat For Sale From Owner

Flat For Sale From Owner - Buying a house is a difficult decision in itself. If you have time and experience, you may prefer to search for apartments and real estate for sale from the owner instead of working with an expert. Points to consider when buying a new home When you want to buy a new house, we recommend that you read this article carefully, especially if you are looking for an apartment for sale...

What are the Rights of Landlords and Tenants

What are the Rights of Landlords and Tenants?

There may be many problems faced by property owners and tenants in newly acquired properties, and these problems arise from the fact that the rights of both parties are not fully known. Here are the landlord and tenant rights in 5 articles related to newly purchased real estate… If there is a tenant in the property purchased In Article 310 of the Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098, it is stated...

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