Çekmeköy – Best Districts of Istanbul

Çekmeköy – Best Districts of Istanbul

Çekmeköy has 17 neighborhoods and 5 villages. Çekmeköy is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, southwest of the Alemdağ forests. It is located 100 meters above sea level. This district is neighbor with Beykoz, Şile, Ümraniye, and Sancaktepe. It has extremely clean air. Çekmeköy is located at the transition point of Mediterranean and Black Sea climates. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. Due to the high humidity, summers can be felt warmer and winters can be felt colder.

About Çekmeköy

It has the strongest ground in Istanbul. Although the face of Çekmeköy has changed, it is possible to find the traces of its pastoral life even now. It is the greenest district on the Anatolian side, covering an area of ​​202 square kilometers. Çekmeköy is located 32 kilometers from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 55 kilometers from Istanbul Airport. Taşdelen and Güvercinlik promenade areas are Istanbul’s oxygen reservoirs. The metro line, which has recently reached Taşdelen, offers great transportation advantages.

Çekmeköy is a district in the Asian suburbs of Istanbul, Turkey. It became a district in 2009 by secession from Ümraniye.

Real Estate Investment in Çekmeköy

It is located at the intersection of Beykoz, Şile, Ümraniye, Sancaktepe, and Pendik districts in the center of the Anatolian Side. In Çekmeköy, housing for sale prices increased by 3.2% in the last year. As of 2020, the most valuable neighborhoods in Istanbul’s Çekmeköy district for housing are Çatalmeşe, Cumhuriyet, Güngören, Taşdelen, and Soğukpınar. The average for sale residential property size is 100 square meters.

Latest News from Çekmeköy

Real estate prices in the region increased with the metro line that reduced the distance between Üsküdar and Çekmeköy to 27 minutes. New residential areas and workplaces are being built in the district thanks to branded housing projects. This situation makes this area very advantageous in terms of real estate investment.

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