Commercial Investment Real Estate In Turkey: How to get started?

Commercial real estate investment in Turkey is the most profitable investment in immovable property. Commercial real estates such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, and offices always make a profit in terms of rental income and increase in value over time.

Such properties are bought at reasonable prices based on the square meter of the property. The most important issue here is the location of the real estate. Investors make high gains by renting commercial real estate bought at affordable prices, or by selling them when there is an increase in value after a few years. Buying and renting places such as hotels, offices, restaurants, or cafes with housing loans provides many more advantages. You can take advantage of a mortgage loan with suitable interest rates and payment plan options.

Things to Consider in Commercial Real Estate Investments

Business Area

When purchasing a commercial property, in areas such as the warehouse or basement belonging to the workplace are included in the sale, it should be checked whether these are in the deed. Especially in the properties used as a restaurant, places such as warehouses or basements will be used as kitchens and the title deed must be examined carefully. Some houses are converted to the workplace and sold later. These residences must be shown as deeds in the land registry office.

Parking and Access to Workplace

It is preferred that there is a parking lot for the employees or for you, or that there is a parking lot that you can use in the immediate surroundings. The closeness to public transportation vehicles such as the bus stop, metro station, or taxi rank makes the property more valuable. Easy access to the workplace for you and your employees will be advantageous in every respect.

Interior Decoration

Customers at first glance determine the quality of the workplace according to the design and layout there. A workplace designed with a nice design that uses luxury items will please the customers. A renovated and spacious workplace will be attractive to customers.

Legal Permissions

There are different business areas in commercial real estate. Sometimes it is necessary to get special permissions depending on the work you do or do. For example, it is forbidden the sale of alcohol near schools or mosques in Turkey is 100 meters. If the ban is not observed, the alcohol license of the establishment is canceled. Such special cases and legal issues should be investigated and necessary special permits regarding the workplace should be obtained in advance.


For the workplace, location is the most important and critical issue. The location should be chosen very well according to the type of workplace to be opened. Your property should be located in a central area, easily accessible to people, and suitable for the type of workplace. Note that although the main streets and central locations are more expensive, you will earn more in the future.

Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Investment

  • In commercial investment, the rental income is always higher than the rental income.
  • While the lease agreement is made for one year, the lease for the workplace is generally for 5 or 10 years.
  • The costs of the business owners are less than the homeowners. Landlords have to have them done in cases that require renovation. However, those who rent the business must pay all the expenses of the business and pay their taxes.

How Can I Commercial Investment in Turkey?

If you are considering buying commercial real estate in Turkey, we are with you in the whole process. For reliable and accurate information, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and get information about all the details about commercial properties.

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