Coronavirus Increases Real Estate Prices in Bozcaada

Coronavirus Increases Real Estate Prices in Bozcaada

Bozcaada which is Çanakkales tourism paradise in the North Aegean Sea was seen as safer during the coronavirus period thank to distance from the mainland. Therefore, the prices of houses,
vineyards, and fields on the island increased. According to December 2020 data, house prices in Bozcaada starts from 2 million TL and goes up to 2 million dollars depending on location and size.

Historic Greek houses and fishing Restaurants, Turkey’s best-preserved historic castle, quiet coves, and the sea of clean and cold, as well as its proximity to Istanbul has been the choice of many people cause. Demand for houses, vineyards, and fields have increased in the tourism paradise Bozcaada. On the other hand, some people even prefer places that can never be built, thinking “I can put a caravan inside and live, even if I can’t do anything.”

Information about Bozcaada

Bozcaada is the third-largest island in Turkey. Also, it is the second-largest island in the Aegean Sea after Gökçeada. It is also a district of Çanakkale province. It is the only district that has not a village. Its area is 40 km2, and its distance to the mainland is 6 km.

There is transportation to Bozcaada with the help of a ferryboat from Geyikli town of Çanakkale. There are also sea bus services from Çanakkale centre to the island. Timetables may vary depending on season and weather conditions. In the summer months, mutual flights are arranged every hour, and the number of trips decreases in winter.

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