COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey, How We Took Control?

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey – Turkey is the 6th most attractive country for foreign tourists.

COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey – We managed to significantly slow the spread of the epidemic with many rapid steps such as stopping flights from risky areas, storing drugs that are thought to be beneficial for treatment, and producing auxiliary materials in the first weeks when Covid-19 started to be heard.

Covid-19 in Turkey

Turkey is encouraged by the Constitution to provide accessible health services and Turkey has implemented preventive health policies in order to ensure it effectively. The number of intensive care units per person is higher than in many countries such as the USA and China, and it is one of the results of the health policies implemented successfully in recent years. All these factors have helped to prepare the infrastructure in Turkey’s struggle with the epidemic.

Has Turkey lost control of the coronavirus pandemic?

On the other hand, universal health services offered are the same for foreign nationals. For example, foreigners who are not accepted by their countries because of their disease and foreigners who had to stay in Turkey were guests in our country by the relevant ministries in various dormitories.

Countries began to close their airspace because of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey. We witnessed that two thousand people who are from Africa and the Middle East nationals and living in Turkey were placed in health institutions in Turkey. All accommodation and needs of these people were met by the state free of charge until their return to their country.

In the first months of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey, THY announced that domestic and international flights were stopped until further notice. Turkish Airlines announced that it has restarted flights to 197 destinations around the world according to the updated information.

Covid-19 treatment is free in Turkey

Turkey has given support equipment and infrastructure to different countries. Turkey took an important step by making free for everyone in all treatment processes, social security, and whether or not residence permits.

Everyone who caught a COVID-19 will be treated free of charge, regardless of whether they have social security or not in accordance with the decision published by the Ministry of Health. Everyone can benefit from protective equipment and measures.

In this context, test kits used in diagnosis and drugs to be used in treatment can be used free of charge.

In this process, Turkey has provided medical and protective equipment to more than 34 countries such as the USA, Spain, and Italy that have experienced disruptions in the struggle against the epidemic.

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