Demand for Detached Houses Increased After the Pandemic

Demand for Detached Houses Increased After the Pandemic

The increase in demand for detached houses after the pandemic was also reflected in land sales. Non-residential real estate sales, which are 80-90 thousand per month, exceeded 135 thousand. , land prices have increased by up to 47 percent with increasing demand in the last year. This extraordinary mobility in the non-residential real estate market is interpreted as an indicator of the
trend of returning to vineyards and orchards areas due to the pandemic effect. The demands of detached house life on the coastlines have also been effective with the introduction of telecommuting practice.

In 5 major provinces, land prices increased between 14 percent and 47 percent and land prices increased between 20 percent and 30 percent in the recent year. The provinces with the highest increase in residential land prices are respectively Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara. Land prices have increased by 47 percent in Istanbul, 38 percent in Antalya, and 28 percent in Ankara in the recent year. After the coronavirus epidemic, interest in resorts, coastal areas, and summer houses has increased across the country. Aegean ranks first among the most preferred regions.

Particularly, people who spend the quarantine process in crowded cities have latched onto in summer houses, low-rise, detached, and garden houses. This interest has also increased housing sales in Bodrum, which is one of the most preferred cities by holidaymakers and people who want to buy a summer house.

On the other hand, considering the regions where urban housing estate examples are concentrated, districts such as Ulus, Etiler, Bebek, and Çengelköy stand out in Istanbul.

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