Esenyurt is the New Address for Premium Estate Projects

Esenyurt is the New Address for Premium Estate Projects

Esenyurt is the rising star of Istanbul in real estate investment. Esenyurt stays the course to become a favorite of foreign investment. Istanbul has the highest share with 19,846 house sales and 18.3% in real estate shares. Esenyurt draws attention as the district with the highest number of residential sales in Istanbul. Esenyurt ranks first with 2,770 house sales out of 19,846 in Istanbul, March 2020. The districts following Esenyurt; Beylikdüzü with 1005 house sales, Ümraniye with 977 house sales, Başakşehir with 965 house sales, and Pendik with 947 house sales.

Advantages of Esenyurt in real estate investment

Esenyurt has an affordable price range. Esenyurt is preferred for real estate investment compared to other regions. Esenyurt draws attention with its great development in recent years. Besides, there are many educational institutions and shopping centers in the district. It is also rich in terms of access to healthcare services. Public and private health institutions of this district are extremely sufficient. It is easy to reach every point of Istanbul from the district where there are metro and metro-bus facilities. District also hosts cultural and artistic formations.

Housing projects in Esenyurt

New housing projects built in this area; are easily accessible to shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and Istanbul’s main transportation networks. There are also many social activities. This new area is a newly popular destination for investors. Therefore, it is predicted that the value of the properties to be purchased here will increase rapidly soon. Housing projects developed by prestigious construction companies and having world-class quality and details; awaits investors who want to invest in real estate. The residences are in an excellent location close to the airport, metro-bus line, TEM highway, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, green areas, and parks. It is possible to buy real estate in luxury standards that appeal to all kinds of lifestyles in Esenyurt. This new district of Istanbul is becoming more and more popular especially among foreign investors. It is in the ascendant as one of the prestigious districts.

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