Sea view Apartments and Villas in Istanbul

Sea view Apartments and Villas in Istanbul

Sea view Apartments and Villas in Istanbul – The projects realized on the coasts of Istanbul attract investors with their brilliant sea view, spacious living areas, and uplifting atmosphere. Seafront flats are centered in Kartal, Pendik, and Tuzla on the Anatolian Side and in Bakırköy, Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Silivri, Küçükçekmece, and Zeytinburnu on the European side. ​New structures which are located at the seafront, attract foreigners who dream of starting a new life in Turkey.

Places where you can enjoy flats which are located at the seafront in Istanbul

The projects, which are located at the seafront in Istanbul, bring the sea into the houses, are designed for people who want to make their dreams come true. When you open the windows, the smell of the sea filling the house, hikes on the beach, the opportunity to swim in certain areas attract luxury housing buyers. The projects at the seafront offer not only visuality and a beautiful view, but also offer high ceilings and spacious living spaces. Projects on the Anatolian Side enrich investment potential, especially with metro networks. Also, projects on the European Side provide convenience in terms of transportation facilities to metro-bus and main arteries of the side.

Sea view Apartments and Villas in Istanbul

How much does it cost to own a sea view house in Istanbul? Average prices of houses with sea views vary between approximately 350.000 USD and 750.000 USD. You should push the boat out for the sea view houses. When you are buying a sea view house, you should check on the other projects near the project you are interested in, on the same coastline. And you should compare prices. Finally, before investing in a project at high prices; You should also examine whether there are transportation alternatives such as metro, high-speed train, and Marmaray to come to the region.

Istanbul’s real estate industry is increasing in value day by day with villa housing projects built in the city center or away from the crowd of the city. Housing buyers are offered unique opportunities with the option of detached houses suitable for every budget and living standards. Buying a villa with a sea view or forest view in Turkey, living in a new rising residence is no longer a dream!

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