Things You Need to Know About Turkish Cuisine

Things You Need to Know About Turkish Cuisine

Soups, which are among the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine, are preferred before the main meal and there are many different soup types. Among the most famous soup of tripe soup is located in Turkey. Especially late at night tripe soup reduces the effects of alcohol. Therefore, tripe soup is definitely preferred after the evening entertainment.

Meat Dishes

Meat has an indispensable place in Turkish food culture. Especially in Eastern Anatolian cuisine, almost all dishes are meat. Meat dishes in Turkish cuisine; consist of kebabs, meatballs, and pot dishes.

Meat dishes such as kebab, lahmacun, pita, stew, and boiled are made. Kebabs are the most preferred type of meat. Urfa kebab and Adana kebab create Turkey’s most famous kebabs. Also, doner kebab is among the meat dishes.

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Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable dishes are generally dominant in Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine. Stuffed vegetables, stuffed vegetables and olive oil dishes are the most preferred vegetable dishes in Turkish cuisine.

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In some regions, vegetable dishes are also made with meat. For example, stuffed grape leaves with olive oil and stuffed grape leaves are among the dishes that take up a lot of space in Turkish cuisine.

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Mantı, börek, meat bread, lahmacun, and pita can be counted as pastries in Turkish culture. The pastries, which are a very rich type of food locally, are prepared in many different ways, from frying to baking in the oven, and offer a great variety.

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Drinks in Turkish Cuisine

Each cuisine has its own beverage culture. Ayran, which is obtained by diluting and mixing yogurt, is a drink specific to Turkish cuisine and is the national drink of the Turks. Kefir, sherbet, turnip, and pickle juice are also among the most preferred drinks in Turkish cuisine. Brewed tea and Turkish coffee are among the hot drinks in Turkish culture.

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As dough desserts, lokma, kadayıf, baklava, milk desserts; keskül, rice pudding, pudding kazandibi, compote, compotes, halva, and many more other types of desserts make up our indispensable desserts. The most well-known dessert of Turkish cuisine in the world is baklava produced in different varieties and flavors.

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