Understanding Real Estate Commissions: Who Pays?

Understanding Real Estate Commissions: Who Pays, How Much?

For those who dream of buying or renting a new house; Our real estate agents, who easily search for and find countless factors such as the location of the house, the age of the building, the size and number of rooms, and act as a bridge between the landlord and the buyer-tenant, receive a real estate commission in return for their efforts. So, how much should this real estate commission be, how is it calculated and who pays? Here are the answers to all the questions you need to know…

Real estate agents, according to the relevant legal regulation, through sales; 2 percent from the homeowners, 2 percent from the buyer, at most four percent (not including VAT) receives a price, and on the renting, it receives a service fee with a maximum rental price.

Let’s consider a scenario that the price of a house to be purchased is 400.000 TL. From the 400.000 TL worth of housing; A total real estate commission arises 18 thousand 880 TL, including 2 percent (8000) + 18 percent VAT (1440) from the buyer, 2 percent (8000) + 18 VAT (1440) from the seller.

This situation in the price of the rented house; the monthly rental price of the property is equal to the real estate agent’s commission. In other words, for a property with a monthly rent of 2000 TL, the tenant pays 2000 TL real estate commission.

Generally, homeowners do not want to pay commissions to the real estate agent. However, thanks to the increasing number of corporate companies, real estate agent commissions have now become standard and legal.

First of all, if you rent and sell or buy through the real estate agent, you have to pay the real estate commission with the contract you signed for every real estate. In other words, the commission to be paid in the purchase of housing; as we mentioned above, it is now a must for both the homeowner and the buyer.

In rented housing transactions, if there is no contrary agreement, the commission is provided only by the tenant. So, if you do not give the commission according to the regulation; the real estate agent has the right to collect the money from you using their legal rights.

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