What is HES Code? How to Get It?

What is HES Code How to Get It

HES code; It is a new application made mandatory within the scope of the Ministry of Health measures for you to fly safely on all domestic flights. According to the rules; For passengers to travel on all domestic flights to carry out their flights, controls will be provided with the HES Code and the risk status of all passengers will be checked via the HES code 24 hours before the flight.

How to get the HES Code?

In the first procedure, the “HES Code Transactions”; section is entered through the “Hayat Eve Sıgar” application. Click on the “Form HES Code”; button. The code usage period is selected and code is formed. In the SMS method; Write HES and leave a blank, and write the TR ID Number, the Last 4 numbers of the Serial Number on the front of the ID Card, and the “Sharing Period” as the number of days and sent to 2023 as an SMS. Through the system, your code will be sent to your phone for the number of days valid for your trip.

The Sharing Period must be at least 7 days longer than the date of the flight you choose. For example, if your flight is 10 days later, you must have a Shared Period code valid for at least 17 days. You must add at least 7 more days to the number of days until the travel date while entering the Sharing Period for the code to be valid.

What are things that should be known about this code?

  • HES code for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey is compulsory for all domestic flights.
  • The duration of your HES code must be the total duration of your trip. If you want to buy a round- trip ticket or have a return ticket, your code must include your return date.
  • HES code is not compulsory for baby passengers between 0-2 years old.
  • If there are less than 25 hours to the first flight, the passenger’s health status will be checked over the code.
  • This process will be applied separately to each passenger.

This HES code only serves to reduce the risk of contamination during the time spent in places such as public transport vehicles and public areas. Citizens who are in touch with Covid-19 or Covid-19 patients will not be able to use public transport vehicles.

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