How Do Foreigners Get a Job in Turkey?

How Do Foreigners Get a Job in Turkey?

Get a Job in Turkey – Foreigners who came to Turkey to work or live, prefer big cities such as ─░stanbul, Ankara, ─░zmir where international companies. And they prefer various occupational groups in different sectors. Foreigners who want to get a job in Turkey should be informed about the current situation. Besides, they must have enough knowledge and skills before they start to get a job.

Foreigners who have a fluent foreign language are accepted for the customer service or real estate industry. Also, Most foreigners make their living as foreign language teachers. Caretaker, editor, translator, and sales expertise are other professions in demand by foreigners. You can apply for current job adverts on Linkedin,, Indeed, and Craiglist.

Generally, foreigners are obliged to get a work permit in Turkey. Accordingly, while they can work in many professions, some professions are prohibited to be professed by foreigners. Only Turkish citizens are entitled. This prohibition is specified in the special laws of the relevant professions.

  • Dentistry (dentist, dental surgery),
  • Nursing (midwife, nurse),
  • Pharmacist,
  • Veterinary,
  • General manager in private health institutions,
  • Lawyer (Judge, Public Prosecutor),
  • Notary public,
  • Security personnel,
  • Exports of fish, lagoon, mussel, sponge, pearl, coral,
  • Diving in territorial waters, pilot, captain and engineer or sailor on ships,
  • Customs brokering,
  • Tourist guide,

The indefinite work permit is given to foreigners who have been working legally and continuously for at least 8 years and who have a legal work life of 6 years in total in Turkey. Also, it is given regardless of the situation in the labor market and developments in career and regardless of restricting it to a specific business, profession, property, or geographical area.

Get a Job in Turkey

The Independent work permit is given to foreigners who have not worked as dependent on an employer, provided that they have legally and uninterruptedly resided for at least five years in Turkey. Employees and employers can apply for a work permit. Employee candidates who have a residence permit, a passport valid for at least 60 days, and a legal contract with the employer are entitled to obtain a temporary or indefinite work permit.

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