How Do I Research the Real Estate Market in Turkey?

How Do I Research the Real Estate Market in Turkey

How is the real estate market in Turkey? – Real estate websites in Turkey offer the most practical and fast search facilities of the house. All the features you wonder about an apartment for sale or rent are displayed on your screen in seconds. So, do you know what to look for to find the house you are looking for as soon as possible, while you are researching a real estate ad?

We have listed the criteria that will be your priority while you are researching the real estate advertisement. These criterias will be beneficial for you. However, if you need to more support for this issue, you could work with an leading expert to research Turkey Real Estate Prices in the most accurate way and to choose the suitable option according to your preferences.

The Importance of Ad Photos

Ad photos are effective in getting a first impression of the interior of an apartment for sale or rent. Before you decide to see the house, the size of the rooms, wall paints, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors, whether the rooms are exposed to sunlight, the condition of the floor coverings, you should definitely research these images and videos if available.

Did you pay attention to the location of the house?

If there is a certain photo showing the exterior view of the apartment or house you are considering buying, you should examine it carefully, or you should see the street where it is located using the street view feature. You can see the exterior view of the building and get an idea about other neighboring buildings on the street with the street view feature of Google Maps.

For example, you can find a clue as to whether building renovations related to urban transformation are a busy street. When you are buying a house, you should also consider the transportation advantage. The fact that the house is close to transportation means such as metro and metro-bus will make your life easier and increase the value of the residence.

Building Features and its Floor

You can find much information in the advertisement details such as the age of the building, its compliance with earthquake regulations, the number of floors in the building, the floor and facade where the apartment you like is located, the heating system, whether it has a car park or not.

Intermediate floors are preferred more often as they provide advantages in terms of heating. The prices of the apartments on the basement floor may be more affordable. For this reason, you should not ignore the floor where the house you like is located. You can find a house that suits your criteria by using the filtering feature while searching for ads.

Is it Suitable for a Mortgage Loan?

Residential real estate market in Turkey – If you intend to use a mortgage loan while you are buying a house, you can see in the advertisement description whether the flat you like is eligible for the loan. Mortgage loans are not used in houses that do not have construction servitude and ownership, in wooden houses, in houses that are too damaged or too old to be used.

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