How Much Does Removal Expenses Cost in Istanbul?

How Much Does Removal Expenses Cost in Istanbul?

The first thing you should do should be to set an expense budget for the removal expenses. Most of the people who are moving think that they don’t have time to set a budget. However, getting information by setting financial planning will save you a lot of incremental costs in the long run. You should add the furniture or renovation costs that you intend to buy into the new house along with the removal expenses costs to the house moving budget.

Which programs can you use for financial tracking?

Microsoft Word, Excel or Google DOCS are the best programs that let you prepare plans for easy calculations. You can follow the costs by writing them one under the other. And you can work synchronously with your beloveds. When you take notes and make calculations, you will not encounter any unexpected expenses. Carrying agent payment includes labor, truck, fuel, and packaging fees. Before you are deciding on the carrying agent that will do your moving work, you should get a price quote from several companies. And you should review the company comments. Accordingly, you should choose the most advantageous company.

Average removal expenses in Istanbul

Packing, disassembly, and assembly services are usually included in the prices. However, you should still clarify the services. The only thing left to you is packing the items called “fragile”. Or you can get help for this by paying an extra price. If your household goods are valuable to you, you can also take out transportation insurance. Average removal expenses range from 300 to 700 USD in Istanbul. If you are going to request additional services such as device preparation, air conditioner disassembly, piano transportation, cornice assembly, and similar additional services, you should also get a price quote for these.

Things to watch out for when carrying goods

If you prefer to pack some items, you should buy parcels, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, nylon, and duct tape. You may need to pay 35 USD for these materials for an average 2 + 1 house. After all calculations, you must add 10 percent unpredictable cost. You should act by assuming that there may be an expense of more or less than 10 percent just in case. Building management may not allow the use of elevators on the day of moving. Or your transport vehicle may not be close enough to the new home.

Disruptions like this can increase labor wages. If you are going to move into the housing estate, you should inform the company representative by learning whether the transport truck can enter the housing estate and the distance.

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