How to Buy Property in Turkey as a Foreigner?

How to Buy Property in Turkey

How to Buy Property in Turkey? – Buying real estate is considered to be one of the important financial decisions to be considered carefully. For this reason, you should be careful when buying a house and you should evaluate all possibilities, positive or negative.

Especially if you will buy a house for the first time, you can shorten the process and make it efficient acting systematically. How? Here is the home buying guide that we prepared for you…

Have you reviewed your budget?

If your budget isn’t enough for the house you are planning to buy and if you intend to use a bank loan, it will be useful to have information about your credit rating. People who regularly pay their current loans and credit card debt have a high credit rating. You can make a spot-on budget planning by learning your credit rating.

You should determine the characteristics of the house you are looking for.

If you have determined in which province and district the house to be purchased will be, you can also create a detailed list for square meters, number of rooms, building age and location characteristics and you can gather valuable information that will help you act in line with your needs.

Find your real estate agent

Getting support from professionals while you are making investment decisions will make your work easier. You can review the portfolios in the neighborhood where the house you plan to buy and choose the most suitable one for your family. A real estate consultant, who is an expert in his/her business and region, will list options suitable for your budget and expectations. Before working with a real estate company, you shouldn’t forget to evaluate the positive or negative opinions that may arise in the digital environment.

In summary; you have to make a choice among the residences offered by a real estate company specialized in its business. You should note in detail the features of the houses you have examined and what they make you feel, and you should never be in a hurry. Compare your notes question whether the options match your expectations.

Tips for people who are undecided between two houses!

Houses that are close to hospitals, schools, and shopping malls have high investment value if they also have transportation advantages.

If the age of the buildings and the square meters of the houses are the same, you can pay attention to whether the areas offered as living spaces are useful and whether there are elevators and parking lots.

Houses face the street or a private area, and if the facade is sunny, the south facade can be considered more valuable than the apartments in the same apartment.

Having areas such as swimming pool, gym, playground and garden or warehouse belonging to the apartment increase the value of the houses. If the common areas belong to the residences in a branded project, it is useful to compare both houses with their dues.

Make an offer

You can either accept the payment plan offered by the home or project owner, or you can consider moving forward with a new offer. This first step is extremely important as you will not have any bargaining chances after buying the house.

Things you should know before buying a home

Since multi-partner deeds can cause problems in the long run, you should pay attention to the details in the deed. You should be careful that there is no mortgage or lien decision on the house you will buy. You should find out whether the building has a building permit or a building permit.

How to buy property in Turkey?

You should definitely inquire whether the house, which is expected to comply with the earthquake regulations, has real estate tax debt from previous years. You should check if the square meter of the house is as stated. Feel free to measure the house if it’s necessary.

You should check whether the building is suitable for the thermal insulation project, you should pay attention to the adequate level of heat, sound, and waterproofing where necessary. You should check for problems such as cracking, spillage, and mold on walls, ceilings, and floors. You should find out if the electricity, telephone, and lighting system are working properly.

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