How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?, turkish citizenship by investment

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey? – It is possible to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing an immovable property for 250.0000 dollars. We can summarize this situation as getting Turkish citizenship through an investment or gaining Turkish citizenship later.

The Conditions for Getting of Turkish Citizenship are as follows:

Buy a property with valuing of at least 250,000 dollars on the condition that it does not sell for 3 years or to deposit 500,000 dollars of deposits in the bank on the condition that they do not withdraw for 3 years,

Employ at least 50 Turkish citizens in accordance with the law,

Purchase government debt instruments or real estate investment funds worth at least USD 500,000 on condition that they keep them for 3 years.

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?

Before passing to Turkish citizenship by investment, it is necessary to complete the research and to follow the procedures after the application, this is important for making the right investments. Realista Turkey lists advantageous real estate for you, it provides after-sales services by providing legal consultancy.

Being a Turkish citizen through investment; it is fast, attractive, and advantageous. You can get your new passport within 2 to 4 months and be a part of this rich culture.

Is Turkish Citizenship valid for life by investment?

You will have the same rights applied to Turkish citizens with Turkish citizenship valid for life.

Do I have to wait 3 years after making an investment to apply for Turkish Citizenship?

You cannot sell the real estate you own or withdraw the $ 500,000 deposited for 3 years. However, after completing the investment, you are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship and you do not have to wait 3 years to apply.

Do I need to speak Turkish to qualify for Turkish citizenship through investment?

There is no requirement for Turkish language knowledge to benefit from Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Do I need to stay in Turkey any time to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment?

You are not required to reside in Turkey before or after being a Turkish citizen over a certain period of time.

My oldest son is 17 years old. If the process takes a long time, can he experience loss of rights?

The age at the time of starting the application process is taken into consideration. As long as you start the application process before your son turns 18, the conditions will be suitable for acquiring Turkish Citizenship.

How long will it take from the date the property is purchased to obtain a Turkish Passport?

As soon as the Title Deeds of the purchased property are received and the application file is delivered to the relevant authorities, evaluation procedures take from 45 days to 4 months.

Will the real estate belong entirely to me?

As in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program, you cannot sell the property for 3 years, but you have the right to keep or sell the property after that date and there are no restrictions on this issue.

Can I buy a property worth $ 250,000 in installments to apply for Turkish Citizenship by investment?

In order to apply for investment-based citizenship, you can buy a property in just one installment via bank transfer. If the payment is made in installments, the citizenship application can be made after the last installment has been paid.

Have I been allowed to work in Turkey after getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment? Is a work permit required?

After the Turkish citizenship through investment by Turkish citizens have the same rights and you can work without a work permit in Turkey.

Do I have to live in this property or can I rent it after buying a property for $ 250,000 and applying for Turkish Citizenship?

During this process, it is not necessary to stay in Turkey. You do not need to live in a property purchased under Turkish Citizenship by Investment program; you are allowed to rent it.

Is Turkey allowing dual citizenship? Should I renounce my current citizenship?

Dual citizenship is permitted in Turkey and there is no need to give up your current citizenship.

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