How to Understand an Earthquake-Resistant Building?

How to Understand an Earthquake-Resistant Building

Turkey is located in a large number of fault lines. Turkey is home to a large number of earthquake-house each year. The earthquake-resistant buildings that collapsed during the earthquake and caused the loss of life and property are among the biggest fears of the Turkish people. For this reason, the first point to consider when buying a house is to evaluate whether it is earthquake resistant. So how do you know if a building is earthquake-resistant? Are all newly built buildings earthquake-resistant?

First, the age of the building is checked

The fact that a building has been newly built does not indicate that it is intact. However, the earthquake that occurred in our country in 1999 caused a lot of loss of life and property. The earthquake regulations created by the state after the Marmara earthquake were discussed in detail. Positive changes have been made in the properties sought in the buildings to be built.

Everything has been done to minimize the loss of life and property in a possible earthquake. For this reason, the houses built after the 1999 earthquake are more resistant to earthquakes as they are built according to the new regulation. It is a fact that should be known that there is a security weakness in buildings built before the regulation changes.

The situation is determined by applying an earthquake test to the building. Although the age of the building will give a general idea about the durability to us, it may give some problems. Even if the regulation has been changed and the required conditions have been improved, unfortunately, some houses do not meet conditions.

Some malicious people, who aim to reduce the cost by using less material, invest in areas that will affect the aesthetic appearance of the house, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, and exterior paint. In this way, the rotting of the building can be covered up. Therefore, applying earthquake resistance tests to the building by the experts of this work is the best option in terms of safety.

While applying the earthquake test, it can be concluded by applying only three columns in buildings less than five floors. In buildings with five floors and above, the application should be made over five main columns. Therefore, as the number of floors increases, your expense increases.

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