Important Notices for Those Who Will Do Deed Transactions

Important Notices for Those Who Will Do Deed Transactions

Deed Transactions – Realista experts have compiled the procedures before the title deed applications and what you should pay attention to before and during.

What should be considered before going to the land registry office?

If you are going to buy a house, you can copy the title deed for the property you intend to buy from the landlord. In this way, you can check the unpaid tax debt of that house, find out the zoning status, see if there is a mortgage on the title deed, and get information about DASK and building settlement.

How to get a title deed appointment?

It is necessary to get an appointment from the land registry office for the deed transfer process. Otherwise, it is not possible to perform the transaction. So how is the title deed appointment made? You can make an appointment by the online application at ​​or by calling Alo 181 Land Registry and Cadastre line. After the appointment application, the appointment information is sent to you via an SMS sent to your phone.

Documents that buyers and sellers must take to the land registry office are different. If you are a seller, the documents you need to take to the land registry office; Your title deed, a passport photo, identity document, a document showing the real estate declaration value, a compulsory earthquake insurance policy (TCIP), a letter indicating that the real estate is not tax debt. If a real estate agent carries out the transactions, a power of attorney is required on his behalf.

If you are a buyer, the documents you need to take to the land registry office; Two passport photos, the original or photocopy of the ID card, the Turkish Republic ID number. If your advisor carries out transactions, a power of attorney is required on his behalf.

How does the process work in the land registry office?

You must be at the land registry office at least 15 minutes before your appointment time on the day of the appointment you want to carry out your transactions. Or the buyer and seller parties or their representatives must be present. If the documents requested by the land registry office are submitted in full, the transfer process begins.

At this stage, the title deed fee is paid, the transaction receipts are delivered to the relevant officer. Afterward, it is passed to the contracting chamber to sign the land registry records. At the last stage, the transfer process takes place with the signature of the manager, and the deed document is delivered to the buyer.

Where and how much is the title deed fee paid?

The title deed fee can be paid in three ways. The first one; can be paid at the tax office of the place where the title deed transfer took place Latter; Fees are paid through contracted banks. Finally; Fee payment via e-collection (via ATM and online banking) is also accepted at the land registry offices.

How is the payment made for the house purchased from the project?

The payment for the houses purchased from the contractor is made as described in the previous stages. If the contractor prepares a low-cost invoice, this transaction was made to keep the fee low must be reported to the nearest tax office.

Do those who sell real estate pay taxes?

If real estate owners sell their property within 5 years from the date of purchase, they must go to the Tax Office and submit an Income Tax Declaration and pay.

Deed Transactions – You may encounter the changing of required documents or the process from time to time. You may need to check ​​before you go to the land registry office. You can get help from Realista’s professional real estate consultants to complete your processes in the land registry offices without getting tired and difficult.

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