Important Tips for Home and Workplace Safety

Important Tips for Home and Workplace Safety

Home and Workplace Safety – According to research, about fifty percent of theft incidents involving spaces occur in the form of intruders through the door. For this reason, we can say that the first condition is that the exterior doors must be locked unless they are in place. Even if the person leaves their home or workplace for a short time, they must definitely lock their door; He/she should not think, “I will go back and forth to the neighbour for half an hour, nothing will happen.”

On the other hand, new generation lock systems provide a higher level of protection compared to old systems. Although it is not possible to say “Unopenable” for new systems, we can at least say that thieves will require more work. This is an important factor to deter malicious people from racing against time.

Secure lock hubs that cannot be pierced should be used and care should be taken that the lock cylinder is in a special safety frame. In addition to these, there should be a chain and safety lock on the door.

We would like to list other important tips for your home security for you:

  • If there is a dark section in your home and workplace, make sure to light it,
  • Make sure that your balcony and terrace doors are lockable from the inside,
  • When servants who work at home and use the door key leave their work, change their locks,
  • When you are on vacation, prevent the accumulation of invoices and envelopes by handing your mailbox key to a neighbor you trust,
  • Use light sources that are sensitive to motion and time adjusted both indoors and outdoors,
  • Keep a chain and safety lock at the door,
  • Do not hide your door key inconceivable places such as under mats, inside shoes, electricity and water meters,
  • Even if there is a safe at home, do not keep too much money and jewelry, prefer bank safes instead,
  • Do not abandon social measures based on neighborhood relations,
  • Share the safety tips with your family and especially your children, encourage them to practice,

Home and Workplace Safety – Finally; Despite all these precautions, if you notice that the thief has entered your home or workplace, stay where you are and let him take whatever he wants, avoid interference.

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