Investing in Property or in Land Which is Better?

Investing in Property

Investing in Property – Have you heard that land investment is an investment that offers suitable options for every investor in the desired term, gives its return in the medium term and starts to earn the moment it is received?

It is possible to talk about 4 main rules for the right land investment. Make the investment through the right intermediaries so that you can find a counterpart when you have any problems or need to sell back.

Take care to invest in places that are open to construction and located within the urban development area. Buy land-qualified places, which are an investment tool that you can confirm from official institutions, and never make your payment until you receive your title deed.

Investing in Land: Waiting for Success

Property investments especially favored by foreign investors frequently are always among the most profitable investments in Turkey. For this reason, it is among the first investments preferred by those who want to make use of their money, whether they are big or small investors.

Particularly, those who determine the places that will make a premium on time and make the right investment in these regions are profitable. Therefore, whether you invest in real estate or land the trick is to make the right investment in the right place at the right time.

Investing in Property: Controlling Success

Land Investment is always one of the most popular investment vehicles among the mobile options. With the rapid and large structuring experienced in the construction sector in recent years, the preference for land investment is also coming to the fore. Because land is one of the most profitable real estate investments, especially in big cities such as Istanbul. In addition to being profitable, it is also risky to invest in land. For this reason, it is necessary to consult experts and referenced experts in the field when buying property in Turkey.

Investing in Property: Variety of Property Investment Strategies

Especially in places where there are or are thought to have brand projects, commercial-zoned lands are considered to be the best investment. It has been analyzed that such lands make better premiums than lands with “residential zoning”.

Commercially zoned lands make a good premium in 2 to 4 years depending on the development in new settlements. For example, those who bought land instead of buying flats 5-6 years ago in Tekirdağ, Şarköy, in the west of the Marmara region, especially those who prefer land on the main street close to the beach are making very good profits these days.

Many new residential areas have been created in this region, and it is very profitable for the investors to invest and wait in zoned, allotted lands in the region or its vicinity. The region is preferred for investment purposes, especially due to its proximity to the blue flag coastline, the center and main arteries.

Investing in Land: Negative Cash Flow Properties

Especially in recent years, vacation sites have been an important factor in the revival of these arteries, of course, people prefer a more isolated life after COVID.

If you want to make a profit from the land investment, buying land from the places where the city ends or starts is one of the best choices. It is also a good choice to invest in land on the developing axes of big cities. It seems that the most important selection criterion for a plot is the zoning status. What the zoning situation is the main determinant of the price.

Investing in Property: Positive Cash Flow Properties

As an investor, if you are willing to wait for 4-5 years and take the relative risk, believe that your earnings will increase to that extent.

In other words, investment in such lands that can be valued works with high risk, high return logic. When buying this type of land, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are restrictive reasons for it.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the criteria such as whether the land to be purchased is shared, detached, whether it is within the protected area or within the scope of the water basin.

If it is close to the forest, it may be included in the forest, and if it is in the water basin or close to the forest, there is a possibility that it will not develop at all. As mentioned in the introduction, it is extremely important that you work with experts in their field.

Investing in Land: Difficult to Finance

Real estate investments are investments that are the driving force of the world economy. Due to the constantly growing population, real estate investments have always been profitable investments when evaluated within the timeline. Regardless of your land or real estate investment goal, the developed banking sector offers extremely advantageous opportunities especially for foreign investors.

Investing in Property: Better Financing

It is the dream of many people to buy land, to buy land in real estate investments. This kind of land purchase is not necessarily considered an investment for the money. Perhaps you want to build your dream house surrounded by natural beauty and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try out a natural farm life or plant or animal farming. The Turkish banking sector is unique among its competitors with its convenient maturity and payment options.

Investing in Land: Upkeep Required

In addition, you may want to invest in a land that is still under development, which will secure your retirement years and the future of your children and will be valued as a region that has risen very rapidly as a development value increases.

Whatever the reason, many people are interested in land ownership. However, if the correct estimation is not the right conditions, land investments can turn into a bad investment, which is a burden on your budget, which is constantly taxed rather than expected profit and benefit.

Investing in Property: Upkeep Required But Adds Value!

First of all, the best time to buy land is to enter this investment in a financially advantageous and debt-free time. Generally, individual land investments are not investments that will increase value in the short term. Of course, such exceptions are excluded from this proposition if you have the opportunity to purchase land on which you can build a multi-storey building very quickly, in an affordable, city center. But generally speaking, land investments are investments in areas a little further away from the city center, unless your business is contracting.

Investing in Land: Volatile

The best way to buy land is to buy cash. Going under debt for an irreversible land will shake your economy. If your dream is to build a house on this plot at the same time, and you plan to finance both the land acquisition and the construction, bigger problems may arise when you are in debt.

Investing in Property – Not So Volatile

Do not buy the land whose location is being discussed just because the price is affordable. The first three items in every real estate investment are location, location and location. Let the location of the land you buy is beautiful. In this case, we need to explain the definition of a beautifully located plot.

If it takes more than an hour to reach the nearest signs of civilization, such as highways, hospitals, shops or gas stations, it is necessary to reconsider the choice.

You should know whether it is possible to build a house on the land you are looking at, and if so, how much of the land is zoning allowed. For this reason, examine the project. And see the zoning regulations of the municipality to which the land is affiliated. Be sure to review the municipality’s development plans, which may affect the land value in the future.

Buying land can be a complicated business. Find an expert who, if possible, has a niche business land real estate consultancy, who can help you make the purchase in the most accurate way after examining the important criteria listed above. Realista team provide support to buy property in Turkey for all your needs conveniently to procedures.

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