Is Turkey a Good Place to Live?

Is Turkey a Good Place to Live

You might be wondering: Is Turkey a good place to live? Uniting Asia and Europe, Turkey has modern cities, as well as a rich history and many good reasons for living here.

Because it’s a metropolitan country, many people immigrate here from other places. The main reasons for this immigration are that job opportunities are plenty, wealthy living is easier, and cultural treasures attract people. Today, Istanbul is the key city in terms of economic and socio-cultural aspects. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the world.

Serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey hosts lots of civilizations, which increases the standards of living in Turkey materially and morally alike. Therefore, for those thinking “Is Turkey a good place to live?”, the answer lies here.

The majority of the foreigners working in Turkey say the country is rich in historical and cultural textures, architectural artifacts, monuments, and parks. Almost all of them praise delicious cuisine and quality restaurants. Turkey’s geography consists of both natural and historical elements, and it offers opportunities to experience different adventures.

Is Turkey a Good Place to Live: 6 Reasons You May Want to Move Here

The quality of living in Turkey is high in many aspects. Regarding the ability to trust, time is spared for personal life, quality healthcare services, and education. According to surveys conducted by professional organizations, Turkey is the seventh-best country globally both for living and working.

Turkish institutions guarantee citizens access to healthcare easily. The highest quality of medical support is available in every field.

As per the General Health Insurance, the state covers many healthcare services and expenses, including medicine. The Healthcare industry is so developed that Turkey is among the first three countries with the largest medical tourism sector.

Additionally, organ transplants, hair transplants, and plastic surgery are distinguishable practices in medical tourism. When compared to European countries and the USA, the cost of treatment and operation in Turkey is highly convenient. Elderly people will say yes to the question “Is Turkey a good place to live?”

Turkey provides education with modern facilities. Turkish universities are recognized worldwide, and they offer quality and a global educational system, as well as many opportunities.

Getting a Residence Permit in Turkey is Quick & Easy

Foreigners who want to settle in Turkey are obliged to acquire a residence permit. There are short-term, long-term, student, family, and humanitarian residence permits in Turkey. The applications are made to the immigration authorities online.

Unless you’re residing in Turkey for 8 years, you can’t apply for a long-term residence permit. If you want to stay here for more than one year, you should apply for a tourist visa valid for one year, then apply for renewal annually.

Another important point is the documents. You can’t acquire a residence permit without your passport -your national ID is insufficient to apply. Now, foreigners can apply for a residence permit valid for up to two years, which used to cover only 12 months before. Family residence permits valid for three years can be received, too.

Is Turkey a Good Place to Live Regarding Safety?

More and more people move to Turkey to start life anew, advance in their careers, or retire.

Turkey dramatically developed within the last decades, and completed the modernization process successfully. With its unique location and rich history, Turkey, the cradle of cultures and civilizations, is an unrivaled option for foreigners and their families.

Turkey’s rapidly developing transportation infrastructure is distinguishable, too. There are more than 50 airports nationwide, allowing travelers to arrive at their destinations in less than an hour.

New residents mostly consist of English, German, Irish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Austrian, Belgian, French, American nationals, and people from various Gulf countries. After the reciprocity clause was abolished in the Property Law, foreigners from all nationalities can conveniently sell and buy real estate in Turkey. Is Turkey a good place to live? Ask thousands of foreigners settling here!

Why Is Turkey Safe?

With its rapidly growing real estate industry, Turkey offers advantageous housing options for every budget. From luxury apartments in city centers and detached houses in suburbs to luxurious villas with concierge services, there are countless alternatives in Turkey.

Particularly in big cities and nearby areas, modern mass housing projects provide private security services, playgrounds, sports centers, social facilities, parking lots, and shopping malls, all to meet the needs of the residents.

Low Costs of Property Maintenance & Low Annual Tax

As published in the Official Gazette, property tax increased by 4.55% compared to 2020 figures. Building, vacant land, and plot owners will pay property tax at an increased rate in 2021. The property tax to be collected therefore reaches ₺5.22 million.

Property tax is paid in the relevant municipalities, or through bank transactions via EFT or money transfer. Some municipalities offer payment and debt inquiry services online.

It Has a Great Climate

Located in the intersection point of different civilizations, Turkey allows people to enjoy different activities in different regions simultaneously due to its climate. For instance, you can swim in a region and ski in another region within the same day. 4-season outdoor living is a great answer to the question “Is Turkey a good place to live?”

Health Care in Turkey is Affordable & High Quality

Medical tourism covers travel made for nonvital operations that increase standards of living and improve physical appearance.

There are many high-quality healthcare institutions in Turkey. Particularly, the number of organizations that offer medical services increases each passing day. Therefore, you can easily find an organization you can opt for the operation of your choice. Those who are wondering “Is Turkey a good place to live?” find all the answers when looking at the healthcare system here.

Medical tourism in Turkey grants affordable prices. Medical practices that are expensive in many countries are much more convenient here. Turkey applies technologies and methods that are available in more developed countries, but for lower prices and in high quality.

The number of doctors to conduct medical operations is plentiful, too. The most successful surgeons work in Turkey. Experts and healthcare centers that offer hair transplant, plastic surgery, and dental operations in Turkey are world-renowned.

We hope we’ve answered your question “Is Turkey a good place to live?”. Contact Realista Turkey for more information on Turkey and the real estate industry!

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