Istanbul Traveling Guide: The Top 10 Most Famous Museum In Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Archeology Museum – Turkey is home to a giant cultural history. So what are the best museums in Istanbul, where we can trace this history?

Istanbul Archeology Museum has a very important place both for the world and our country due to its historical heritage and more than 1 million works. Istanbul Archeology Museum is located in the museum in the first place to be seen in Turkey, also played an active role in the development of museums in our country.

Museums in Turkey

This world-wide museum, inherited from us during the Ottoman Period, is a must-see stop by travelers interested in culture and art. The museum, which has an eye-catching splendor, has a wide range of works spanning the territory of the Ottoman Empire, stretching from Europe to Africa.

According to most scientists here are Turkey’s most important museums. When you leave the Topkapı Palace and follow the road going down, you reach the Museums Section. This section includes The Ancient Orient Museum, the Archeology Museum, and the Tiled Pavilion. The most important works exhibited in the Istanbul Archeology Museum are İskender Tomb, Crying Women Tomb, Satrap Tomb, Necropolis of the Sayda King Necropolis, Votive steles of the Mother Goddess Kybele, Sculpture pieces left from the Zeus Altar of Bergama, Head of Alexander. Turkey commissioned by the museum deservedly has the reputation of Osman Hamdi Bey, the founder of museums worldwide.

The place is also the first Turkish building built as a museum. Its outer facade was inspired by Alexander and the Weeping Women Tombs. There is also an annex and there is a Tiled Kiosk, which is open to visitors in its garden, where various works are exhibited.

Do you know the list of museums to be seen in Istanbul?

Here are 13 museums you should see in Istanbul:

  1. Istanbul Archeology Museum
  2. Chora Museum
  3. Aşiyan Tevfik Fikret Museum
  4. Pera Museum
  5. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum
  6. Rumeli Fortress
  7. Hagia Sophia Museum
  8. Naval Museum
  9. Carpet Museum
  10. Istanbul Railways Museum
  11. Sakıp Sabancı Museum
  12. National Palaces Picture Museum
  13. Rahmi Koç Museum

Istanbul Archeology Museum

The list of the largest museums in Turkey is possible to add to many museums of different categories. Istanbul, a city of culture and art, hosts more than 80 museums. Only museums of Istanbul are long enough to keep a traveler entertained, and many other museums can be visited along with other cities: Istanbul Modern Museum, Topkapı Museum, Bayburt Baksi Museum, Antalya Archeology Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Rahmi Koç Museum, Ethnography Museum, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum.

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