Istanbul is the Favorite of Iranian Investors

Istanbul is the Favorite of Iranian Investors

The high demand for housing sales to Iranian investors before the epidemic has started to be seen at a record level in recent months.

Istanbul is the most favored place in Turkey from foreign investors last month and it has been seen in the history of the highest September sales of 2,370 units of housing sales. In Istanbul, in the first 9 months of this year, a total of 11,966 houses were sold to foreigners. Later, Antalya became the second most preferred city for foreigners with 1018 houses sold. Antalya was followed by Ankara with 347 houses, 239 Bursa and Yalova with 168 houses.

It is observed that foreign investors prefer to purchase real estate mostly from the cities of Istanbul and Antalya. Most land purchases from Turkey, while German citizens and Iranian citizens are making more housing purchases. The German investors prefer to invest in real estate for a profit of Iranian investors while they want to live in Turkey as Turkish citizens.

What do foreigners pay attention to when buying housing?

Houses in a developing region, especially in terms of transportation and location, provide high profits in the future. Large projects such as the metro line, rail system, city hospital, bridge, and highway are considered as the most important factor that will increase the price of real estate at a high rate.

What are the conditions for housing sales to foreigners?

Foreigners can buy any immovable property (residence, office, land, and farm) subject to the relevant legal restrictions. Foreigners who buy immovable property such as vacant land, farm, or field are required to submit the construction projects they will build on this property to the relevant Ministry within 2 years. Otherwise, these immovable properties are subject to liquidation provisions.

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