Moving House Checklist: Best List & Tips

Moving House Checklist Best List & Tips

Moving house checklist – Congratulations on using your savings or owning a home with a mortgage loan. Next up is moving in, which can be boring for many people. We have a few suggestions for you about moving, which is a very demanding process, especially for crowded families… Before moving on to these suggestions, we would like to remind you that you can work with Turkey Real Estate Market professionals for investment processes.

What should we pay attention to when moving house?

  • If you have friends or relatives with experience in moving, you can ask them for help. They can warn you about things you cannot see or think of moving.
  • It may be beneficial to get plenty of parcels, duct tape, and air bubble bags from shopping malls or e-commerce sites.
  • If you are going to disassemble large and heavy items such as beds, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets by yourself, you should group the resulting small pieces, especially screws and similar materials, in separate bags.
  • If you are going to get professional help with moving, you should find out if they will help with installation.
  • You should wrap all your small and large electrical and electronic equipment in bubble bags in two layers if necessary. During the dismantling and packing process of these devices, you must strictly follow the user manual, if any.
  • You should pack the items used for different purposes without mixing them and take detailed notes on them.
  • You should not leave collecting your belongings until the last day. You should collect your items that are likely to break in the same box as much as possible.
  • You must make sure that the parcels are intact and can support the weight of the items inside and will not fall apart when you lift them.
  • When you are leaving your house, you should not leave any wastes that may disturb the person or people who will come to your building or property.
  • You should try to finish your whitewash, painting, and renovation work before cleaning and moving.

Moving House Checklist – These items, which we offer as suggestions, will make your work easier and you will experience a more comfortable moving process! If you are always hoping to “have a house”; we also recommend: “Realista’s professional real estate consultants are ready to help you to offer investment alternatives for every budget. You can reach us via our contact form.”

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