Silivri – Best Districts of Istanbul

Silivri – Best Districts of Istanbul

Silivri is located 69 kilometers west of Istanbul, on the Marmara Sea coast. There are Büyükçekmece in the east of Silivri, Çatalca in the north, Çorlu and Marmara Ereğli in the west, and the Marmara Sea in the south. It is a favorite of holidaymakers with its 45 km long coastline. This district has an advantageous position thanks to connecting to Europe and Turkey with E-5 and TEM highways.

Silivri District in Istanbul

It is known that its name in ancient times was Selymbria or Selybria. This city has maintained its importance in every period thanks to its natural harbor and is located on important trade routes. It constitutes 56% of the agricultural area of ​​Istanbul. Silivri is the district with the most agricultural area in ​​the city.

What you Should Know about Silivri

It has a total of 22 neighborhood mukhtars and 13 village mukhtars with 7 towns. Important towns of Silivri; It stands out as Selimpaşa, Değirmenköy, Gümüşyaka, Çanta, Celaliye- Kamiloba, Ortaköy, Kavaklı, and Büyük Çavuşlu. The district has become a kind of holiday village thanks to the calm and beautiful seawater.

Silivri is home to many works bearing the traces of history. It also has a shallow and clean sea where children can swim comfortably on free beaches along the coast. In Silivri, precipitation starts in autumn and intensifies especially in winter. Besides, some of the international flights and charter flights from Çorlu airport will provide new opportunities for Silivri.

Real Estate Investment in Silivri

Housing prices increased by 3.58% in the last year in the Silivri housing market for sale. The average depreciation time for a 100 square meter house in Silivri district is 21 years. The average residential size for sale in the district is 130 square meters. When we examine the annual averages, as of 2020, the most valuable neighborhoods in Silivri district for housing are Fatih, Cumhuriyet, Alibey, Yeni, and Mimar Sinan.

In the district, the average rental price is lower than in many regions of Istanbul. An increase in rents is expected with the completion of branded housing projects in the region.

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