The 5 Best Family Beaches in Turkey You Should Visit in 2021

Icmeler in Marmaris

Turkey holiday destinations for families & Best family beaches in Turkey – Icmeler is the most distinguishable vacation spot in Marmaris. Thanks to its location roughly 8 kilometers away from the central Marmaris, day-trippers can also enjoy swimming at the Icmeler Beach, one of the best family beaches in Turkey.

Although it is within the borders of Marmaris, the hotspot among foreign and local tourists, İcmeler is remarkable for its serene atmosphere. It is the perfect choice for vacationers who wish to spend relaxing and quiet time in a place where blue and green meets on this beach we included in our list of best family beaches in Turkey.

Icmeler Public Beach offers accommodation options for every budget. You can camp in Icmeler Camping Area that is also known as Icmeler Maliye Camping Area. However, these camping locations do not provide bathrooms or drink water.

Offering many accommodation alternatives, Icmeler and Icmeler Public Beach are also chosen by tourists because it is the closest residential area to the central Marmaris.

Nature and the sea are marvelous in Icmeler Beach that promises a relaxing vacation with the islands adorning the view and woods winking at the high hills. If you’re considering visiting Marmaris, we recommend you swim in Icmeler Beach even though you won’t be staying overnight. Those who are around Marmaris should stop by here to spend a lovely day at one of the best family beaches in Turkey.

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

Turkey holiday destinations for families – Hosting thousands of national and international tourists every year, Konyaalti Beach in Antalya is among the best family beaches in Turkey. The beach is in the west of the city center and is a blue-flag beach. Additionally, it is quite lively not only during the day but also at nighttime. 

Located near sea cliffs, Konyaaltı Beach is approximately 7.5 kilometers long. Because it is a public beach, you don’t have to pay any entrance fee.

It is easy to access Konyaaltı Beach that is in proximity to Antalya’s city center. Those who want to visit Konyaaltı Beach from outside of Antalya can first arrive at Antalya Airport and get on public transportation vehicles. You can also opt for driving your own car to access the beach. 

Gumbet in Bodrum

Turkey holiday destinations for families – One of the closest beaches to Bodrum’s city center, Gumbet Beach is approximately 1 kilometer long and allows campers. You can walk, ride a bike, or take a transportation vehicle to go to Gümbet as it is only 3 kilometers away from the central areas. 

The beach is surrounded by traditional white houses of Bodrum and nestled among hotels and restaurants. You can refresh and sunbathe on the beach, or taste Ege dishes, particularly seafood. 

Because winds blowing from the north do not hit the southern Bodrum Peninsula, Gumbet Beach offers a spacious beach and a quiet sea for families to enjoy one of the best family beaches in Turkey.

Yalikavak Beach in Bodrum

Turkey holiday destinations for families – Yalikavak is the recent favorite of visitors who want to take a vacation in Bodrum to enjoy beautiful beaches, along with eye-candy historical buildings. Particularly the marina, white houses, and windmills here make this place the perfect vacation spot. There are 9 Blue Flag awarded beaches in Yalikavak, including the public beach.

Due to its northern location, the beach here is windy and suitable for windsurfing. There are windsurfing centers, along with a marina.

Because of the wind, the seawater is generally rough but clean and beautiful, and there is a lifeguard available. The entrance is free as it is a public beach -there are even free sunbeds and umbrellas. Make sure you visit Yalkıavak Beach to enjoy one of the best family beaches in Turkey.

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya

Turkey holiday destinations for families – Located on a 1-kilometer coast in the western Alanya, Blue Flag awarded Cleopatra Beach that is named after the Egyptian ruler, promises thin sands and spacious areas. Its prominent features are the golden sands and shallow waters, which make Cleopatra beach one of the best family beaches in Turkey.

You can clearly see the golden sands below the waters shining and the fish swimming. It mesmerizes the beholders with its clean beach and the thin sands. Therefore, millions of tourists every year flock to the world-famous Cleopatra Beach.

The beach is open to the public and the entrance is free. However, you have to pay to utilize sunbeds and umbrellas. You can refuel on the go thanks to the fast-food stands located every 50 meters. You can also enjoy water sports such as jet skiing and riding a pedalo. 

The transportation is highly convenient -you can visit Antalya Airport and take a cab or a bus to the beach. 

Turkey holiday destinations for families – There is a legend about Cleopatra Beach. The rumor says that the general of the time gave Alanya and the surrounding areas to the famous ruler Cleopatra as a gift. Cleopatra who enjoyed the sea and swimming wanted to have a bath built on the slopes of the castle. Therefore, she used to visit the beach frequently. The legend also states that there is a tunnel built for Cleopatra to access the sea easily whenever she wanted to swim. Renowned for her breathtaking beauty, Cleopatra would stop by Alanya every time she went to the Mediterranean Region.

These are our recommendations for the best family beaches in Turkey -but the country is brimming with many other family-friendly beaches you can discover.

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