The 7 High Rise Buildings That Have Remarkable View in Istanbul

The 7 High Rise Buildings That Have Remarkable View in Istanbul

Istanbul highest building – Istanbul high rise buildings –  Istanbul is the economic and social center of the country, one of the largest cities in Turkey and one of the few cities in Europe. As of November 2017, the city has 269 skyscrapers that are at least 100 meters tall. The tallest building in the city is Skyland Istanbul with a height of 293.1 meters.

The tallest buildings in Turkey are predominantly located in this city. Especially in the 2000s, these buildings, which increased in number with the acceleration of construction activities, add splendor to Istanbul.

Istanbul ranks 24th among the longest cities in the world. Thus, in the city, which has earned the title of Europe’s tallest city, skyscrapers are used as holding, bank administration buildings, hotels, shopping centers, offices, hospitals, and residences. There are many similar complex structures in Istanbul with its towers and the surrounding green areas.

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Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – Stop by Galata Tower: one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Erected in 1348, the famous structure was once Istanbul’s highest building.

Hong Kong takes first place with 1400 skyscrapers, and New York takes second place with 773 skyscrapers. Known for its magnificent buildings, Dubai ranks 6th with 327 skyscrapers.

Europe’s tallest building is being built in the Istanbul Financial Center! The Central Bank of Turkey Building, developed in the Istanbul Finance Center to be completed in 2021, will be the tallest building in Europe when its construction is completed!

The length of the Central Bank Building, built with the budget received from the Central Bank, is 310 meters, and 360 meters together with the Antenna towers. The project consists of 4 main regions. The first major district is designed for buildings belonging to inspection organizations and private institutions.

Istanbul high rise buildings & Sapphire, Istanbul’s highest building. – The financial center, which is 400 meters away from the TEM highway, is aimed to be a crossroads for transportation. If we examine the location of the project; It has been configured as 7.5 km to the Bosphorus Bridge, 10.5 km to the FSM Bridge and 2.5 km to the D100 highway. The region, which is valued with the housing projects built around it, is gradually gaining importance.

Throughout history, building high-rise skyscrapers, making it an architectural show, and giving breathtaking grandeur has been one of many people’s dreams. It was also an embodiment of being permanent in the world. Even if it seems impossible, any interior design and architectural structure that goes beyond the limits of creativity can become reality when the time comes.

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters. The building designed by Adrian Smith; Inspired by the plant known as the name flower and sea dandelion, it opened in 2010 as part of the Downtown Dubai project. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors and costs 1.5 Billion dollars.

With the Ankara Kızılay building, which was finished in 1965, we met with a height of 24 floors. The first skyscraper to be opened in Istanbul was the Maya Tower-1, which was 30-storey, 110 meters high, built-in Şişli in 1992.

Residencely / Kadıköy

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – The Residencely project, which is two minutes away from Bagdat Street of Kadıköy, one of the most valuable areas of Istanbul, attracts attention with its luxurious living features and central location. Residencely consists of 4 blocks with 44 floors in total. The project, which has the highest blocks in the region, has a total of 341 residences. The project is in a position where you can see all of Kadıköy, islands and parks from a bird’s eye view.

Within the scope of the project, there are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 houses. The project has a total of 20 acres of green and landscaping area. One of the reasons why the location of the project is highly preferred due to its proximity to Baghdad Street. It also stands out with its proximity to many cafes and restaurants. The land of the project spreads over 44,000 square meters.

Residencely reconstructs residence life and tells it differently. The luxurious living spaces in the project are also among the prominent features of the project.

The project, which includes meeting areas, yoga, and a spinning studio, also includes an outdoor swimming pool and a playground for children.

Istanbul high rise buildings &  The Residencely project also includes Spa, Sauna, and fitness areas. After the use of the spa, special areas have been built for those who want to retreat to luxurious relaxation rooms. In this project, which draws attention with its pilates studio, everything has been considered for those who do sports.

City of Green / Sariyer

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – The City of Green rising in Sarıyer, one of the elite districts of the European Side; It consists of stages called Terrace, Boulevard, and Park.

There are 3,000 residences in the entire City of Green project. The city of Green also attracts attention with its 55 thousand square meters shopping center and 850 meters long street stores. In the project, which appeals to different expectations with different apartment types, there are houses of 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 types. The usage areas of the residences in the project range from 69 square meters to 305 square meters.

It is possible to talk about the City of Green as the most social project in the region. In the project, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, giant shopping center, street shops, cafe, restaurant, school, cinema, football field, tennis court, basketball court, The golf course, and hiking trail await their homeowners.

Shades of Blue / Zeytinburnu

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – In Shades of Blue, concept apartments where you can reduce the stress of daily life with a sea view, garden duplexes intertwined with a unique landscape, children’s playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools, panoramic terraces to enjoy Istanbul, the Blue Tunnel that resets the distance between you and the beach, offering hotel comfort Smart Home Systems, a life beyond borders awaits you with brands and restaurants that will come to life on Mavi Cadde.

Shades of Blue, the award-winning beach project of Istanbul, which has been realized on an area of 63,500 square meters, is making its mark with 6 residences and 1 hotel with a block distance of 245 meters. In seven blue projects where blue and green meet with a total of 51.500 m² green area, your deeds are delivered immediately. Also, you can check property for sale highrise building in Istanbul.

Sheltera / Bagcılar

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – Sheltera project, which has a total construction area of 73 thousand 700 square meters, consists of 3 blocks with 17 floors. The project with 342 residences has 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment options. The areas of the apartments vary between 58 and 234 square meters. Drawing attention with its modern architecture, Sheltera project also includes a semi-olympic outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, sunbathing and shade areas, an open-air fitness area, walking and cycling tracks.

Sky Palace / Sisli

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – Rising on a total area of 26 thousand square meters, SKY Palace has 1080 modules that offer different life options to which the modular system can be applied. Living spaces of different square meters can be created, the depth of which can reach up to 9 meters and in which either a single unit or 4 units can be combined. There may be a chance to shrink or enlarge the house according to the preference and needs of the owner. The modules are 50, 80 and 100 square meters in size.

Bosphorus Pride / Sariyer

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – The 38-storey residence block of Bosphorus Pride, which consists of 987 residences, 518 offices and a shopping center with a leasable area of 40 thousand square meters, has apartment types called City Suites, City Apartments and Sky Suites. The Bosphorus Pride project, rising right next to Türk Telekom Arena in Seyrantepe, draws attention with its proximity to TEM, metro and bridge roads.

House / Bahcelievler

Istanbul high rise buildings &  Istanbul highest building – HHouse Residences is a project built in Bahçelievler, Istanbul and includes a hotel, residence and congress center.

House residences, consisting of 488 luxury residences; TEM E-5 – Yeşilköy Coast Line and Basın Express are located at the intersection of Ataköy-Çobançeşme line.

The 7 High Rise Buildings That Have Remarkable View in Istanbul

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