The Importance of Tea in Turkish Culture

Tea in Turkish Culture

Tea in Turkish Culture – Tea has become the national drink of the Turkish people and it can be drunk at all hours of the day and night. Tea is the leading role in intimate conversations; it has been the companion of snacks. Each region has its own tea drinking styles. Tea is not drunk in porcelain cups or large glasses in Turkey. The glasses of tea should be thin waisted tea glasses.

Why do Turkish people prefer to thin waisted tea glasses?

Thin-waisted tea glass’ isn’t known who found and it has a 90-year history in Turkey. After the Industrial Revolution, a great number of glass cups started to be produced in Europe. However, the costs of these large glasses were also quite high. Instead of producing glasses with such high costs, Turkish people discovered thin waisted tea glasses that could be produced at lower costs. At the same time, thin waisted tea glasses have increased in popularity with the effect of functionality. The fingers can be easily held from the top of the glass without burning thanks to its thin structure. Tea can stay hot for much longer thanks to its curved structure.

How did it adapt to Turkish culture?

The tea leaves that accidentally fell into the boiling water gave their color to the water after a while and the tea with a different taste was found in this way. Turkish Poet Ahmet Yesevi, who lived in Kazakhstan in the 12th century, is considered to be the first Turkish tea drinker. Ahmet Yesevi, who met with tea by chance; “It is a relaxing beverage, your patients need to drink from this tea to be healed.”

Properties of Turkish tea

Turkish tea is friendly

When you are drinking tea, you shouldn’t be alone. Tea is the key to socializing. People who meet for the first time go to drink tea first. Friends drink tea to have a rest somewhere. Tea is an indispensable drink for friends.

Turkish tea is a good accompanist

Turkish tea has an irresistible feature that anyone can drink anywhere. It is simple, drinkable, cheap, and easy to prepare and serve. It is very pleasant to drink.

Turkish tea is pro-peace

Tea in Turkish Culture – The first tea is served in whichever area of Turkey you go. Even if you have visited homes or businesses without sitting down, it is insisted to have a cup of tea. Tea is a product of friendship and shared values. It is found everywhere from coffee houses, tea shops, cafes to restaurants. You should not refuse fresh tea served in a thin waisted glass.

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