Top Green Districts in Istanbul for Those Who Want to Relax

Green Districts in Istanbul

Green Districts in Istanbul – We would like to summarize the peaceful districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul that are intertwined with nature for you;

Bahçeköy which is located in the center of nature

Living in Bahçeköy, which is connected to Sarıyer, may be good for you. It is also within the borders of the Atatürk Forest, which hosts fascinating views. This peaceful neighborhood is also a short-range from Kilyos.

The decent neighborhood which combines blue and green: Bebek

It is a neighborhood integrated with nature as well as with its sea and beach. Therefore, Bebek is one of the ideal alternatives for people who want to live in Istanbul in a region that is both central and intertwined with nature.

Beykoz which is the apple of the Bosphorus eye

Beykoz draws attention with its unspoiled nature, stylish villas, and houses. This tranquil neighborhood, which has recently been the favorite of invitations and weddings, also appeals to natural life lovers.

Mansion district Çengelköy

Çengelköy consists of a beach lined with magnificent mansions and a nature covered with pine forests. Çengelköy is a unique district where tranquillity prevails. It has been isolated from all the chaos of the city on the Anatolian Side. If you are looking for a special residential area, you should choose Çengelköy.

Emirgan which is famous for its grove

Emirgan is a district frequented by athletes due to its tracks. Emirgan also hosts the Lale (Tulip) Festival held in April every year. The charming Sarıyer district which is known for its impressive nature as well as its mansions is one of Istanbul’s most attractive investment areas.

The district where you can feel both nature and history: Kuzguncuk

Kuzguncuk makes a difference at first sight with its fabulous ambiance with its cobblestone pavements, colorful wooden houses, and centuries-old trees. It is one of the most liveable areas on the Anatolian Side due to its peaceful atmosphere. This nostalgic district is also memorable with its friendly and warm atmosphere.

One of the most striking districts of the Bosphorus: Rumelian Fortress

Green Districts in Istanbul

Rumelian Fortress is often subject to postcards with its walls rising from the trees. Rumelian Fortress is one of the oldest districts of Sarıyer. The district is a carefully protected investment area due to its historical importance.

Istanbul district where nature meets luxury: Tarabya

Green Districts in Istanbul

Green Districts in Istanbul – Tarabya is one of the most luxurious districts of Istanbul. Tarabya is located in the middle of untouched exquisite nature with its giant plane tree in the square, marina, boats lined up on its beach, and Huber Mansion.

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