Top Historical Bazaars & Markets in Istanbul

Top Historical Bazaars & Markets in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar is the oldest shopping center in the world. We have collected Istanbul’s historical bazaars, especially the Grand Bazaar, for you.

Grand Bazaar

It is one of the oldest shopping centers in the world and its construction started in 1461 by the order of Fatih the conqueror. Most of the Grand Bazaar was built during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The bazaar has turned into the largest commercial area of the city over time. It consists of 60 streets, around 3,600 shops, and 14 inns.

This gigantic structure covers a total area of 110 thousand 868 square meters. There are many types of goods such as shops, fabrics, precious stones, antiques, and carpets. You can buy souvenir gifts for your loved ones in this most important historical shopping center of Istanbul, which looks like a fairy tale.

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The Egyptian Bazaar

The moment you step in, it welcomes you with its fragrant spices. The Spice Bazaar was built as a part of the New Mosque, with taxes collected from Cairo. This bazaar contributed a lot to the transformation of Istanbul on the Spice Road into a trade center. It was previously known as Valide Bazaar and Yeni (the New) Bazaar.

This bazaar was named the Egyptian Bazaar after the 18th century because the spices from the east reached Egypt. Immerse yourself in smells and colors in this famous bazaar where herbalists are selling natural medicines, seeds, spices, and roots. You can also find dried fruits, local ingredients, and even buy tourist items in the bazaar.

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Arasta (Ottoman) Bazaar

It is located in Sultanahmet, one of the most beautiful bazaars in Istanbul. Arasta Bazaar was the place where items used by cavalrymen were sold in the Ottoman period. For this reason, the bazaar is also named Sipahiler (cavalrymen) Bazaar. More than seventy shops are selling traditional carpets, rugs, Iznik tiles, and souvenirs reflecting Turkish and Ottoman culture. You can enjoy shopping by feeling the historical texture of the bazaar.

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Sahaflar (Used-Book) Bazaar

It has a history extending from the 15th century to the present. Sahaflar Bazaar is a meeting point for book lovers. The oldest Ottoman book market is located on the stone plot behind Beyaz─▒t Mosque. The bazaar is not only a place for shopping; it is a socializing area where information is shared. If you like the smell of old books and like to research, you should visit the Sahaflar Bazaar.

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