Turkish Citizenship Through Investment Guide

Turkish Citizenship by Investment the Guide

Turkish Citizenship Through Investment Guide

Turkish citizenship through investment & How to get Turkish citizenship? & How can I get Turkish citizenship? With the Turkish Citizenship through investment program, Turkey offers citizenship to foreigners who have made a real estate investment of $250,000 or started/bought a company for $500,000, provided that they keep their investment for a minimum of three years.

In summary, foreign nationals are granted Turkish citizenship through investment if the real estate investment worth is equal to or more than $250,000. Stipulating that they will not sell it for three years is sufficient to obtain citizenship. The spouse and children under 18 years old of the foreign investor can benefit from the citizenship right, as well. 

Before 2018, acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment required depositing a minimum of $3 million or buying real estate worth at least $1 million. However, the required amount was reduced to $500,000 for bank deposits and $250,000 for real estate investment due to the recent regulations. 

Loosening of the citizenship condition started a massive inflow of foreigners to the country, particularly to Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara to buy residential and commercial real estate. In the 2.5-year period between 2018 and today, the number of property sales made to foreigners has reached 143,229, with Iraqis, Iranians, Russians, Afghans, and Saudi Arabians taking the lead. 

Foreign investors bought 22.428 houses in 2017, 40.000 houses in 2018, 46.000 houses in 2019, and roughly 16.000 houses within the first five months of 2021. 

How to get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship through investment & How to get Turkish citizenship? & How can I get Turkish citizenship? In Turkish citizenship through investment program, also known as the fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship, the main steps to follow are touring the project, buying the property, citizenship application, and Turkish passport acquisition.

Apart from Turkish citizenship through investment, other methods for Turkish citizenship acquisition are by exceptional ways, by being adopted, through the right to vote, and by creating employment. 

What are the Advantages of Having Turkish Citizenship?

A transit point between Europe and Asia, Turkey provides conveniences to those who want to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. For instance, the spouse and children under 18 of the applicants also can apply for Turkish citizenship without any delays. However, unlike Turkey, in many countries, they have to wait as long as five years to apply for citizenship. 

Turkish citizenship through investment & How to get Turkish citizenship? & How can I get Turkish citizenship? Many other countries impose the condition of spending a certain period in a year there, even if you have bought real estate. However, you don’t have to live in Turkey either during the application process or after citizenship acquisition. 

Additionally, you can travel visa-free to more than 100 countries across the globe thanks to your Turkish passport. Besides, due to the Visa Liberalisation Dialogue between the EU and Turkey, Turkish passport holders can travel to the union without the requirement of a visa. 

Other Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

There are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Some of them require short processes, while some covers conditions such as having lived in Turkey for at least five years.

Turkish citizenship by birth: Everyone born to Turkish parents is considered a Turkish citizen. 

Turkish citizenship granted by authorities: Council of Ministers grants Turkish citizenship to those who have resided in Turkey for five years without any interruption.

Turkish citizenship by marriage: Foreigners married to a Turkish citizen can apply for citizenship after three years of marriage. There are conditions stipulated, such as unity in the family, abstaining from harmful acts to marriage, and not posing any threat to national security. 

Turkish citizenship through investment & How to get Turkish citizenship? & How can I get Turkish citizenship? Regaining of Turkish citizenship: Those who have lost their citizenship can regain their citizenship or citizenship rights if the authorities approve. 

Turkish citizenship through exceptional ways: Those who have contributed to Turkey, those who are required to be accepted to citizenship, and those who are considered immigrants have the right to obtain citizenship. Additionally, starting a business in Turkey grants citizenship rights, as well. The important point is to employ 5 Turkish citizens for every foreign employee. 

Turkish citizenship through investment: Similar to citizenship acquisition by $250,000 of real estate investment, making an investment of $500,000 in Turkey grants Turkish citizenship, as well. 

However, acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment in real estate is regarded as the most advantageous method among them due to shorter waiting periods, more convenient processes, and lower prices. Apart from support offices that accelerate the approval process, Realista Turkey offers attractive options and helps investors with the residence permit and citizenship procedures. 

Documents Needed for Turkish Citizenship Application

  • Application Form
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Passport and notarized Turkish translation
  • Birth certificate
  • Marital status certificate
  • Health report
  • Documents showing income status
  • A document showing the number of days spent in Turkey 
  • Original and copy of valid residence permit card
  • Fee payment receipt

Why Choose Turkey?

Just like other metropolises in the world, Istanbul resembles a source of energy never draining away. Such energy can turn into a fulfilling life for those who know how to use it. Narrow streets in this city bring you to new stories, as long as you want. The best way to understand Istanbul is to look out at the window as you are crossing the bridge. Mosques, palaces, and kiosks all across the Bosphorus prove that we are living in a great historical treasure, no matter how much concrete is built around them. 

Istanbul may wear you out during the day due to your business, the traffic jam in the streets, and the city crowd -but when it gets out, you will forgive it as you enjoy the city lights on the ferry. While you sip on your tea in the aft deck, your eyes wander around Üsküdar and Karaköy, knowing that many Istanbullers are sharing the same joy.

Turkish citizenship through investment & How to get Turkish citizenship? & How can I get Turkish citizenship? You can get the most detailed answers to all these questions from the expert team of Realista. All the information you need about Turkey Citizenship is in the experts of the field! Many cities in Turkey, with Istanbul being in the first place, are ready to host students, retired people, new investors, and new guests. 

Turkish Citizenship Through Investment Guide

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