Turkish Coffee Culture and Tradition

Turkish Coffee Culture and Tradition

Coffee, whose homeland is Abyssinia, was brought to Istanbul from Yemen during the Ottoman period. Coffee gained its great title at that time. Elegance was added to the presentation of refinement in the cooking technique in Ottoman lands. Also, its reputation as “Turkish coffee”; first spread to Europe and then to the world. Since then, Turkish coffee has been the witness and carrier of our most beautiful traditions… Today, it maintains its place in our lives as one of the rituals that we cannot give up.

There is the maxim that even a bitter coffee has forty years sake and the place and importance of Turkish coffee in Turkish culture are emphasized. Turkish coffee, which means different meanings according to the regions, is a type of coffee that is preferred on special occasions, important visits, and daily.

Turkish coffee is made with sugar in some regions, also it is consumed by biting and drinking sugar called “kıtlama”; in some regions. Turkish coffee is sometimes diversified with milk and sometimes with liquor to suit different tastes.

Turkish Coffee

A Cup of Turkish Coffee, Remembered for 40 Years

There are also rituals of drinking Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, which is prepared and consumed in different ways in each region, is made without sugar according to Bosnian traditions. It is believed that the taste of Turkish coffee mixed with sugar has stopped. If you want to drink coffee with sugar, cut sugars are bitten and a sweet layer is created in the mouth. Turkish coffee is drunk by taking a sip of coffee and a bite of sugar.

Caucasian Turks make their coffee with milk. But not with every milk. Turkish coffee made with the milk of a newly born cow is slightly sour and creates an indispensable coffee ritual for The Caucasus. Many idioms and proverbs about Turkish coffee, which have taken place in Turkish culture since ancient times, are also used in society. If it has waited too long in the cooking and serving of the coffee; They say; “Does the coffee come from Yemen?” The most important reason for this is that the homeland of Turkish coffee in Yemen and Abyssinia.

The Oldest Hot Drink of the Turks; Turkish coffee

The story of coffee’s entry into Ottoman cuisine and being a traditional Turkish flavor dates back to ancient times. There are two different stories told about this. The first story is that in 1554, two Syrian merchants introduced coffee into Ottoman lands.

Another story about coffee’s finding its place in Ottoman cuisine takes place in the period of Suleiman the Magnificent. Sultan Suleiman, who wants Turkish coffee from the Governor of Yemen, invites the most beautiful coffees and coffee makers to his palace. The masters, who know 40 different types of coffee brewing methods, settle in the palace and thus Turkish coffee entered the Ottoman palace.

Of course, with the innovations and changes specific to the palace cuisine, Turkish coffee begins to be cooked and served. For example, the water served alongside coffee gained different aromas with rose petals in these years.

History of Turkish Coffee

First drink water, then sip the coffee

Turkish coffee originating from Yemen and taking its present form with different cooking styles; It is cooked in copper pots over low heat. The best Turkish coffee would be cooked on candle fire. Cooking under candle fire, which is a laborious method of cooking, creates a very delicious coffee. Also, it is quite common today to cook Turkish coffee in different techniques such as cooking in hot sand and black fire.

There are manners and rituals for drinking Turkish coffee. Before sipping a traditional cultural motif of Turkish coffee, a sip is taken of the cold water that comes with it. In this way, the mouth is cleaned and the aroma of the coffee is taken completely.

Do Not Drink Turkish Coffee Without Turkish Delight

It is customary to drink Turkish coffee while slurping. Although this drinking method, which is made to avoid losing the foam of coffee, looks funny from the outside, it is considered as one of the manners of drinking coffee and is a part of the coffee-drinking ritual.

There are various treats alongside Turkish coffee. These treats increase the flavor of the coffee. Turkish delight is one of the most preferred treats in addition to Turkish coffee.

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