What are the Advantages of Investing in a 1+1 Flat?

What are the Advantages of Investing in a 1+1 Flat

The interest of people who want to invest in real estate to 1+1 flats in branded housing projects is increasing every year. So what are the features that make 1+1 apartments so valuable? Who prefers 1 + 1 flats for housing investment?

The prices of 1+1 apartments are more affordable than other 2 + 1 or 3 + 1 apartments. Therefore, these apartments can be invested without the need for a big budget. Besides, the high interest of 1 + 1 apartments ensures that there isn’t much trouble in renting out. The sale of these types of flats, which can be rented in a short time, isn’t very difficult. In short, the rental income of 1 + 1 apartments, which are among qualified projects, is very pleasing to the investor. 1 + 1 apartments offer an economical life due to their small area. In a word, bills such as electricity and natural gas are low, and there isn’t much expensive because it requires less use of wares.

What does 1+1 flat mean in Istanbul?

The location of the apartment is important. If you are going to buy a 1+1 flat from the city centers, it will be easier to rent it out. In this respect, you should also consider the conditions of the region. For example, if there is a university close to home, students will prefer it. If there is a business center nearby, employees will want to rent the house. Not only the region but also the age range is important. Since 1 + 1 apartments are generally rented by young people, you need to get information about the population demography of the location.

Tend to affordable 1 + 1 apartments

Almost all projects have 1 + 1 apartments. While you are investing, you can be careful not to buy luxury homes. These luxury apartments may have higher dues and a higher rental price than others. This criterion can be a problem both when you are trying to rent and sell your home. At the same time, if there is a huge amount of difference between the amount you will pay for this luxury apartment and the amount you will pay for an affordable house, it may be more advantageous to buy two apartments.

Top reasons why you should invest in apartments

The rental price and sale price of the two houses will be more than a house in any case. Apartments with high fees are a problem when renting out. You should also consider that you will pay the dues for the period you aren’t renting. Thus, you can choose which house you want to invest in.

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