What Are the Best Cities in Turkey?

What Are the Best Cities in Turkey ? When it comes to places to see, it’s a tight race between Turkey and many other countries. From the north to south, to the east to west, there are so many beauties that it’s almost impossible to ignore them. Just think about Lake Salda, Kabak cove, and Cappadocia -and there are countless places as beautiful as they are. Here are the best cities in Turkey!

Prettiest cities in Turkey

Turkey (or the Republic of Turkey as known officially) is a country with a majority of land in Anatolia, and a small part in Trakya, an extension of the Balkans.

Surrounded by sea on three sides, Turkey consists of two peninsulas, which are separated by the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. These straits are natural borders between Anatolia and Trakya, and Asia and Europe.

With the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, and their long coastal line, Turkey is popular among foreign tourists.

Turkey has coasts on the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea. Thanks to the different geographical and climatical qualities in different regions, Turkey houses countless natural beauties. The Anatolian history that was shaped under the influence of different cultures paved the way for Turkey to be rich in cultural treasures.

Istanbul City

Istanbul, the fifth biggest city in Europe that hosts 20 million people, is brimming with places to explore. You can see the traces of a thousand-year history in every street in this city that is a cultural mosaic. Living in Istanbul is a whole different experience!

Romans called it Augusta Antonia, French called it Constantinople -Istanbul’s history reaches thousands of years. Reigned by the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, this city was under the influence of all these cultures. Famous palaces, kiosks, and museums are waiting for you to travel back in time.

Of course, visiting here is quite unlike living here. It’s a massive city with millions of people and a never-ending dynamism. You let yourself go in the high-paced traffic, work-life, and even streets!

Before you know it, it’s been months since you became a part of it, but without getting bored for once. You can’t get enough of Istanbul for its uniqueness. Every minute here is different from one another. It never runs out of surprises and stories to tell. Asian side, European side, Prince Islands, Balat, Bebek, Beykoz -every inch is brimming with originality.

Antalya City

The fifth most crowded city in Turkey, Antalya is located in the Mediterranean Region. It is also the sixth-largest city in its size.

With its natural treasures and places to see, Antalya is perhaps the most significant city to explore.

It is the most famous tourist city in Turkey, with a population of 2,228,456 by the end of 2015. It sees temporary migration, particularly in summers. Antalya is the hometown of citrus fruits. The economy depends on tourism, agriculture, and trade.

Particularly Lara became the hotspot due to its proximity to the airport. Hotels in Belek are luxurious and expensive, while Kemer houses affordable hotels. You can find accommodation options for every budget. Kaleiçi is the most famous area in Antalya where there are many hotels of old mansions.

Ankara City

Ankara has been the capital of modern Turkey since 1920, but its history is much older than that. With a history of 5000 years, Ankara hosted many civilizations as it is in the heart of Anatolia. It is the second biggest city in Turkey with a population of 5 million.

National and international tourists are advised to stay in popular and touristic city centers like Çankaya, Kızılay, Ulus, and Kavaklıdere. Renowned hotels for high or affordable prices are mostly located near Kızılay Square, Kuğulu Park, and Tunalı Hilmi Street as transportation is more convenient there.

Izmır City

Established near İzmir Bay on the Aegean costs, İzmir is the third biggest city in Turkey. It is a living city that welcomes different cultures due to its world-renowned fair centers and harbors. It’s the 23rd biggest city regarding the area size, and its western part is where the Aegean coasts and islands are.

This metropolis is the second biggest and crowded city of Aegean city after Athens.

You can find accommodations options for every budget in the city center. But if you’d like to stay close to the shopping center and historical areas, you can opt for Konak, Alsancak, and Karşıyaka.

Trabzon City

Called the “pearl of the Black Sea”, Trabzon is a mesmerizing city thanks to its unrivaled nature. It’s renowned for its all-year-round rainfall and surrounded by thousands of plant species. Because the forest cover here is rich, the economy mainly depends on agriculture.

Wherever you stay in Trabzon, you’ll wake up to a different shade of green. Whether you’re in the city center, Sürmene, or Uzungöl, you’ll see every corner of the city that is breathtakingly beautiful.

For those who’d like to stay in bungalows and breathe in the fresh air, we recommend Yaylakent. There is a natural park nearby hotels in Yaylakent that is in Trabzon’s Akçaabat town.

Bursa City

The fourth biggest city in the country, Bursa is among the best cities in Turkey thanks to its natural beauties and historical artifacts. You can easily access it here from many other centers, as well. It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, which summarizes its rich history and gives clues about the places to see in Bursa.

Muğla City

Both in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, Muğla is located southwest of Turkey. It neighbors Aydın, Burdur, Denizli, and Antalya provinces. Muğla is renowned for having the longest coastal line in Turkey.

The city hosts more than one million visitors every year thanks to the unrivaled natural beauties here. Its districts like Bodrum, Fethiye, Dalaman, Marmaris, and Milas are the most distinguishable places -but the city is brimming with many other places to see and have a vacation in.

What Are the Best Cities in Turkey

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