What are the Expenses When Buying a House?

Buying a House

Buying a House – We may encounter many expenses during and after the home buying process. You must know the details to be efficient in budget keeping. We can summarize the expenses that may arise as follows.

  • House price
  • Real estate consultant fee
  • Title deed free and revolving funds fee
  • Real estate and environment tax
  • Loan, modifications, and subscription fees
  • TCIP (Turkish catastrophe insurance pool)

House price

It is the biggest expense requested by the buyer and that you will make while buying a house. Real estate consultant service fee Real estate consultants can request a service fee of 2% + VAT (18%) separately from both the landlord and the house buyer following the regulation. The real estate consultant can get a different amount of service fee by agreeing with the buyer and seller.


A compulsory earthquake insurance policy is also required during the title deed transfer. This insurance is renewed every year. The buyer must assume this insurance when buying a home.

Title deed fee

The title deed fee is 4% of the total amount of the house sale price received from the buyer and seller. This title deed fee is among the expenses made when buying a home.

Revolving funds fee

When buying a house, the title deed revolving funds fee must also be paid. This amount is determined by the relevant institutions every year. Payment is made through the land registry offices.

Estate tax

Every landlord is subject to the Estate Tax calculated on the house value. This tax must be paid every year, including the year after buying the house.

Possible modification fees

The house to be purchased should be thoroughly examined and modification fees should be calculated. This ensures that the budget is set correctly.

Environment tax

Although it is not among the expenses made when buying a house, there is another expense after buying a house. Environment tax, also known as garbage collection tax, is calculated based on water consumption and paid in two instalments per year.

Subscription fees

You need to open subscriptions to benefit from services such as electricity, water, natural gas, and the internet. It is also possible to move your previous subscriptions to the new home for a fee.

Loan expenses

Housing loans are mostly given as 75% of the house price. The remainder of the house price must be paid by the buyer. If you will get a loan, you should examine the accrued interest and advanced payment amounts in detail.

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