What is a Prefabricated House and How to Build It?

What is a Prefabricated House and How to Build It?

Prefabricated houses have advantages such as low cost and short preparation time. It is a new life alternative targeting a wide range from low-income families to high-income groups. It is often preferred especially in areas where construction is difficult. We also witness that some annex classrooms, hospitals, and especially construction sites are built with such “earthquake resistant” structures. Annexes and shelter centers needed especially after major earthquakes are built in a short span of time.

The cost of this type of house is also advantageous. However, it is necessary to know that these types of houses are very hot in summer and hardly heated in winter. However, nowadays, prefabricated houses with balconies and even duplex prefabricated houses are knocking at our door with the speed and quality that can be ordered from online sales sites. We can use the term documented and official slums of modern times for prefabricated houses. The first period buildings, which we can define as living containers, have now been supplanted by extremely luxurious and new prefabricated houses.

What is a prefabricated house?

For you; what is a prefabricated house? How to buy a prefabricated house? And what are the advantages of prefabricated houses? We will try to find summary answers to frequently asked questions like this. But first, let’s take a look at this long list of questions:

  • Will our house has sound and heat insulation?
  • Is our building earthquake-resistant?
  • Which materials were used?
  • What are the minimum life and warranty period of the house?
  • Can we append to the house later?
  • Who will make the electrical and water installations, will the fixtures be included in the price?
  • Who will pay the accommodation and meal expenses of the installation team?
  • Can you design suitable for the disabled?
  • Can I see your references and catalog?
  • Can the building be built in the desired plan and appearance?
  • Who will paint the inside and outside of the building?
  • Who will cover the transport insurance?
  • What is the second-hand market like?
  • Will my house be resistant to high winds?
  • If we want a 2-storey house, will there be any springiness on the upper floors?
  • Are there any problems such as roof leakage or rain infiltration?
  • Can’t hang something on sandwich panel walls? What is your building type?
  • It is said that the insulation may disappear over time, what is your comment?
  • How many days will it be delivered?

This is the most important question: “It is said that modular buildings are not given housing and title deeds. It is not possible to subscribe to electricity, water and natural gas without housing number. How would you suggest we solve this problem? The seller said that ”you will show like building site’’ and you got the answer! Here’s another problem for you. Moreover, the life of some prefabricated models is 50 years. The cheaper ones are not ageless.

Doors, windows, and other related disassembled elements are prepared by the buyer. The assembly process on a concrete platform is a sentence that expresses the assembly process of ready-made structures in the crudest form. Most companies can store a lot of vital information for you before the sale. You should clarify in detail what is included in the price before dealing with annoying paperwork and stationery.

Steel construction prefabricated houses and the things that the customer has to do:

Some permits and licenses must be obtained from the affiliated municipality. These are works that require serious overtime. Preparation of external connections such as electricity, wastewater, clean water, installation of heating, cooling, satellite heating installations, wall and floor coverings such as ceramic, carpet, wall tile, tawing, environmental landscaping, excavation and the preparation of the ground concrete… You will do the work in half shares. Light steel villas are much more costly.

How are prefab homes built?

There will probably be “extra costs” that we forgot to list above when determining the company you will work with. You have to make a very detailed plan so that you don’t argue with your family while simultaneously losing your money and mental health. For example, if you are given a price of 8000 dollars for a zero prefabricated house and the money you will spend is 4 times this, it is more logical to buy a reinforced concrete house and live there. What’s the point?

If I have a cheap detached house with a garden, sometimes I go and stay, even if it causes expense, it’s okay. If you think so, a “classical panel system” may be preferred. If you want to have a quality home for kids, even if the cost is higher than reinforced concrete, it will not be a problem, if you say, “light steel houses” with high-quality insulation are just for you. We can add “structural steel” architecture to these two house types. Their prices are always much more.

Of course, we should find answers to the question “What do I expect from a house?” before starting the drill. It’s your choice.

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