What is Gross and Net Square Meters?

Gross Square Meter

If you are in search of a house and meaning Buy Property in Turkey, you will often come across the expressions of net square meters and gross square meters. The consumer who buys housing from the model also takes many risks. There is a possibility that the project may not be completed, and flats marketed with glamorous catalogs decorated with magnificent pictures may not meet expectations when delivered.

One of the most confusing and disappointing details when buying an apartment that has not yet been built is the size of the house. Companies usually sell on gross square meters. Especially if you are looking at a house from the project, you should know these expressions fully, since you cannot perceive the size of the house by seeing it.

What is the net square meter?

The principal scale you need to pay attention to when looking at a house is net square meter whether internet or from the project. Net square meter refers to the total area you can use inside the walls. So it is the total living space of the house. Therefore, you should know the net square meter of the house. Besides, if you can, you can learn the net square meters of the rooms one by one and make your choice of furniture or layout accordingly.

What is the gross square meter?

Gross square meter refers to the total area that will belong to you. This area includes walls and columns. This means that it is in areas that you cannot physically use. Besides, areas such as balconies, terraces, stairwells are also included in the gross square meter.

If the net square meter written in the contract does not reflect the reality?

The biggest disappointment caused by the difference between net and gross square meters is experienced in the houses purchased from the project. People who buy houses from the project by looking at the gross square meter can encounter an area that is below their expectations when they encounter the reality of the house. You can avoid the difference between net and gross square meters. In the regulation issued, it is stated that net and gross square meters should be clearly included in the contract.

According to this Consumer Law article aimed at protecting the consumer, especially in the sales made from the project, the net square meter of the house, ie the total living area, must be specified. If there is a difference between the net square meter written in the contract and the net square meter of the house delivered to you, the laws are on your side.

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