What Should Be Done After Buying a House?

After Buying a House

After Buying a House – The acquired real estate brings some works. Also, property tax payments costs are found. After the purchase is completed, the entire process should be thought out and planned down to the last detail.

First: Title Deed Fees

After the sale of the real estate, you must pay the title deed fee by declaring the purchase and sale price of the house to the Land Registry Directorate to which the house is affiliated. Amounts shown below the actual trading price may face heavy penalties.

Prepare a Property File

Certain payments are made to the relevant institutions every year after the house is owned. It is a good method to prepare a file about the property you own so that you can access the necessary documents instantly.

Notification to the Municipality Should Not Be Forgotten

The first thing to do after the title deed is received through the Land Registry Directorates is the municipal notification.

It is enough to go to the municipality where your house is affiliated and apply to the relevant officer and make a Real Estate Tax notification. When going to the municipality, it is necessary to take the property deed. A document is filled up when making notice. Therefore, the information in the title deed is needed.

Notification to the municipality can be made until the end of the year in which the purchase took place. For example, a person who bought a house on February 14, 2020, is obliged to make a Real Estate Tax notification until December 31, 2020.

Change of Abode

One of the things that should not be forgotten among the things to be done after buying a new home is the change of abode. According to the law, when the house is settled in, the residence address is also moved to the new house. It is sufficient to go to any registry office to change residence.

Subscription Process

The subscription process begins after home purchases and sales. It is possible to continue to benefit from these services by applying to subscriptions such as electricity, natural gas, water, and internet or by moving existing subscriptions to the new residence.


Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool, natural disasters, etc. it is called insurance that secures homes against dangers. Especially who buy a house by withdrawing mortgage loans can secure themselves by applying for additional insurances other than the insurances required by the banks.

Refinance Should Be Investigated

After the mortgage loan is obtained, it can be transferred to another bank whose current interest rates are found more affordable. Refinancing can help homeowners save money when interest rates change.

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