What Should You Do Before You Move To Your New Home?

Move To Your New Home

Some adjustments need to be made before moving home for the moving process to go smoothly and the order previously held to continue. There are things to do before moving to a new home, and they provide comfort and safety.

Change All Locks

You must change the keys to the house before moving. If available, you can check whether the video intercom is working. If the apartment has an open car park, you can also obtain the parking control and password. Thus, on the day you move, you will not have any problems with the transport company vehicle entering the parking.

Check the Condition of the Plumbing

Possible plumbing failures need to be checked and repaired before moving. This way, your home will not get dirty. In addition, you can cancel the subscriptions of your old house such as electricity, water, natural gas. And start your new subscriptions. This way, after you leave your old home, you will not receive an invoice.

Set the Floor Plan

Deciding the room layout makes the process easier. It is necessary to enter when the house is empty and plan where to put what. This planning can also make your home painting decision easier. You can determine the paint colour by considering the harmony of furniture and wall colour after determining the rooms in which you will be settled. If you are going to paint your house, it will be useful to do this at least 2 weeks before moving. The paint odour may be alleviated during this period, and if you do not like the wall colour, you can find time to change it.

Notify Change of Address

Notify your address shortly before moving so that your bills and subscriptions arrive at your new address. Notify your bank of the change of address. You can make transactions online from also known as the e-government turkiye.gov.tr address, change notification page.

Prepare a Box for Your Priority Needs

You may not be able to reach the items you need immediately on the day you move home. You can prepare a package for the basic needs you may need on the first day. You can put this box outside of the boxes you have prepared for moving to the new house, somewhere you can reach more easily.

Arrange the People Who You Will Get Help

You can determine prior who will take care of your child or pet on the day of moving. This step ensures that your child does not get bored when moving to the new house and you can manage the move more easily. Take care that your pet’s routines such as walking and feeding are not interrupted. Keep these items within easy reach.

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