When is the Right Time to Buy a Flat?

For what purpose will you buy this flat? Will you live in it, or is it an investment? If you are going to live in it, will the value of the flat increase? Will this be a reasonable purchase for you? What is the average rent per flat in that area? Search online, ask your neighbors. How far is the flat you want to buy from work, school, hospitals, and public transport? Have you lived in that area before? What kind of neighborhood is it? Think carefully, do research. The question “when is the right time to buy a house?” also matters.

When is the right time to buy a house, and how can you find it?

According to research, 40% of flat buyers buy a flat through the internet, 33% from real estate agents, 5% from construction companies, and 1% from print media advertisements. Plan the means by which you will search for a flat.

On the other hand, what features do you want to have in the flat you are going to buy? Make a list. Number of rooms, square meters, parking lot, frontage, heating, lighting, number of floors, transportation features, distance to the grocery store… Write down the features that are important to you, and make a decision according to this list while visiting the flat. Think about when is the right time to buy a house in accordance with your financial status.

Buying a flat on loan

How? Will you use a loan to buy a flat? If the answer is yes, do you have the required down payment ready? Is your income secure? Flats and projects do not go anywhere. What matters is your family’s financial well-being. So to answer “When is the right time to buy a house?”, you need to plan your budget.

The costs do not end with buying the flat. There will be various expenses both when buying and after buying the flat. For example, the renovations you want to do before you move, monthly dues, annual earthquake insurance, tax… Write these expenses in bullet points and include them in your budget.

Pay attention to details

Make sure that there is no legal problem with the flat you will buy. Ask about the title deed, building permit, mortgage or lien on the flat, whether there is a property tax debt on the flat. If there is a tenant in the flat you will buy, review the lease agreement. Is the square meter of the flat as you were told or stated in the deed? If in doubt, measure.

When is the right time to buy a house that is cheap?

First-time homebuyers wonder: when is the right time to buy a house? In general, the months when prices are more affordable are the spring and summer months. When school is over, summer flats are more popular and the effects of the weather combine, the season of buying a flat begins, according to most real estate statistics.

Although it is frequently mentioned by market players in general, purchase transactions in the real estate market are mostly made between March and August.

On the other hand, although flat ads are less in the winter months than in the summer months, you have a higher chance of finding the flat you are looking for in the winter months as the competition is less. In addition, you can notice the heating system of the flat you go to see, the soundness of the windows or the traffic situation in the area where the flat is located in the winter months. So, the answer to the question “When is the right time to buy a house?” lies in the spring and winter months.

20 things you need to know before buying a house!

  • Make sure it’s not a legally problematic flat. Make sure that the flat has a title deed and that this title does not have many partners. A multi-partner deed can cause problems in the long run.
  • Make sure that the building complies with the earthquake regulations. If necessary, request and check building inspection company reports.
  • Find out if the building has a building permit or occupancy permit. Make sure that there is no mortgage or lien on the flat you are going to buy.
  • It is important that the flat you buy is sunny. For this reason, check whether the rooms of the flat receive daylight.
  • Pay attention to whether the building has its own parking lot. At the same time, it is always advantageous to have an elevator in buildings with five or more floors, increasing the value of the flat.
  • Pay attention to the quality and smoothness of the balcony and stair railings when buying a house.
  • Whether you will live by yourself or you will make the right real estate investment by renting out the flat, the fee is an important criterion for both landlords and tenants. Therefore, be sure to find out the cost of the subscription.
  • Check if the building’s exterior walls, roof, and basement floor are suitable for the thermal insulation project. Make sure that the heat, sound, and, where necessary, water insulation is at a sufficient level in the building.
  • If you are buying a second-hand flat and there is a tenant in the flat, be sure to take a look at the rental agreement.
  • Go to the municipal zoning directorate to which the flat is affiliated and look for the approved architect project of the building.
  • Is there a problem with the building’s plumbing? If the flat is second-hand, has it recently had plumbing repairs or renovations? Do not forget that such issues will cause big problems in the future.
  • Find out if the electrical, telephone, and lighting system in the building is working properly.
  • Make sure that there is a fire escape in the building that complies with the current regulations.
  • Find out about places like parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals around the building.
  • Check whether the square meter of the flat is as specified or as you see in the advertisement.
  • Feel free to measure the flat if necessary
  • Consider the distance from the flat to public transportation.
  • Ask if the roof is waterproof and insulated. Especially if the flat you are going to buy is at the top or attic, be sure to have information about this subject.
  • Check for cracks, spills, mold on walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Check the energy identity document of the building you will live in.
  • Make sure to inquire whether the flat you are going to buy has a property tax debt from previous years.

When is the right time to buy a house in summer towns?

At the end of the season, when demand decreases and holidaymakers return to big cities, it is shown as the answer to the question “When is the right time to buy a house in summer towns?”

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