Which Expenses can Tenants Deduct from the Rental Fee?

Which Expenses can Tenants Deduct from the Rental Fee

When renting a house for rent, it also comes with many expenses such as transportation, deposit, commission, house renovation. So, should the tenant cover all costs for home renovation or in other situations?

Many tenants have problems with their landlord because they do not know their legal rights. However, the laws give tenants some rights to avoid any problems in these matters. Here are the expenses you can deduct from the rental fee in the house you moved to as a tenant…

  • Expenses arising from the apartment usually belong to the landlord.
  • Expenses such as house painting, leakage from the upper neighbor belong to the landlord. However, the tenant can undertake these costs and deduct them from the rental fee with an agreement between the tenant and the landlord. It is not mandatory to specify this issue in the lease. Such issues can be resolved by mutual agreement.
  • If there are situations that require renovation in a house that is moved, the landlord usually solves them. Before moving into the home, tenants can discuss any necessary renovations with the landlord and request that they are solved.
  • If there are some problems after the tenant moves to the house, the tenant can pay for it and deduct it from the rental fee. This is a legal situation. For example, in cases such as the explosion of the installation, the breakdown of the central heating boiler, the tenant can make the necessary repairs without asking the landlord and give the bills to the landlord. If the landlord refuses to make these renovations and tells the tenant to take care of it, the tenant can resolve this through the court. In these matters, the law is always with the tenant.

Which expenses cannot deduct from the rental fee?

In some cases, expenses may not be deducted from the rent. If you arbitrarily renovate the house or want to paint the house, the expenses are on you. Optional expenses are not on the landlord. Besides, it is not right to do these works without the permission of the landlord and causes problems between the tenant and the landlord. Even the landlord can throw the tenant out of the house and file a claim for material compensation.

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