Why Turkey is an Ideal Destination for Health Tourism

Why Turkey is an Ideal Destination for Health Tourism

Health tourism is that going to another country for treatment only for any reason (long waiting period, affordable treatment, or better quality health service, etc.). It can be summarized as tourism created by people who travel from where they live for health purposes.

Health Tourism is a type of travel for treatment purposes. In other words, it is a type of tourism that enables the growth of healthcare organizations by using the international patient potential in order to improve the physical well-being of the traveler or people who need aesthetic surgery, organ transplantation, dental treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation.

Health Tourism in Turkey

There are 42 accredited international standards in a healthcare organization in Turkey. Private, public and university hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, are equipped with the highest technology in the world. Turkey also has many hospitals in oncological treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, paediatric surgery, plastic surgery, eye and teeth are high-tech healthcare. Cyberknife, robotic surgery, MRI services, bone marrow and organ transplantation can be performed in these hospitals.

Within the scope of the Ministry of Health, Health Tourism Department, there are interpretation services for international patients in hospitals 24/7 in Arabic, English, German and Russian on the lines 112 in case of emergency, 184 in case of complaints. All doctors must take out occupational obligation insurance, and in the event of any medical error or malpractice, the patient is immediately compensated through the insurance.

  • Price when compared with European countries, Turkey administers treatment affordable price. If we compare this with the heart surgeries performed in the USA as an example, the treatment cost is less than one-half.
  • It is close to both Middle Eastern and European countries and it has an important role in terms of geographical location.
  • Employees who speak foreign languages provide easier communication with patients in hospitals.
  • In addition to the high bed capacities of hospitals that have developed as a result of the importance given to health, the comfort of hospital rooms, as well as hotels in terms of both design and convenience is an important factor.
  • Favourable environmental conditions are of great importance in the recovery, both for patients in the need of rehabilitation and for the motivation of other patients.

What are the Benefits of Health Tourism?

  • It removes nervous and physical fatigue, treats diseases, and increases the workforce productivity of employees.
  • It provides economic products to natural assets (forest, mountain, healing water, etc.) that do not have economic quality and provide an increase in income to the regions where these assets are located.
    It provides an increase in income in the regions where natural assets beneficial to health are found with the expenditures of tourists.

Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey

One of the most preferred fields is aesthetic surgery. The main reason for this can be expressed as the rapid development in this area in recent years. Many conveniences are provided for tourists with a sense of competition in private health centres. Private hospitals plan the time from arrival to the accommodation, from the treatment process to the return of the patients who come for treatment in this area one by one.

There are 57 countries with the opportunity to reach the 4-hour flight and it is the point where Africa, Europe and Asia combined so Turkey has a growing potential in terms of health tourism. The changes made in the field of health in recent years and the quality services provided in the field of medical experts, devices, equipment, and technical equipment have a great effect on the increase in popularity in this field.

Prices ranging from 200 to 300 thousand dollars abroad, especially in categories such as organ transplantation, are made in our country with much more affordable and high quality. Health tourism, thermal health tourism and disabled and elderly tourism can be collected under the title of health tourism.

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