10 Attractive Reasons to Live in Turkey

There are many reasons for foreigners to choose to live in Turkey. Because of both its geopolitical position and its natural, historical, and cultural richness, most foreigners want to live in Turkey that becomes among the top countries many people consider investing in.

Turkey’s improved transportation facilities, newly built bridges, airports, trade, enhanced tourism, conference tourism, and entertainment makes it an attractive country for foreign investors to live in.

Turkey has unique strategic importance between Asia and Europe. From Turkey to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East there is easy access for 1.7 billion customers. You can reach many important destinations in Europe from Istanbul with a 3.5-hour flight.

Turkey is one of 55 popular worldwide passports. You can travel to more than a hundred countries without applying for a visa.

Foreign citizens have the right to visa-free stay in Turkey without a break for 2-3 months and resided in the state for permission conditions extremely facilitated. If you get a residence permit if you have a property for sale in Turkey is extremely easy.

It is possible for foreigners to become Turkish citizens by purchasing a certain amount of real estate. With an arrangement made in September 2018, foreign nationals can apply for Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families by acquiring a house in the amount of at least 250,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.

On the other hand, Turkey is also an extremely high level of medical care and service quality is well above European standards. Turkey is among the top 5 in the country’s tourism medical in the world. Medical centers with the latest system and modern equipment continue to be actively built throughout the country.

Most days of the year are sunny in Alanya, where the Mediterranean climate is experienced. There are direct flights to 400 different destinations from Alanya, which is 3 hours away from Europe, and 22 direct transportation to the capitals within an hour. 10% of the population of Alanya, which attracts the attention of tourists with its friendly people, fun life, historical texture, and natural beauties, consists of resident foreigners from 82 countries that moved there to live in.

Why should I move to Turkey?

Turkey is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is seen as one of the most favorable countries in the world to live in. It is a center of attraction both in terms of its attractiveness in the field of tourism and investment wealth in megacities. Especially Istanbul, Mediterranean, and Aegean coasts are among the regions most preferred by foreign investors for investing and moving.

Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Turkey has a rich culture through a wide range of cuisine that appeals to every gusto. Turkish food is generally fresh, cheap and healthy. Almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be found in the world. Restaurants and street food in the country, renowned for their special appetizers and seductive delicacies, continue to delight their visitors. There are also markets where you can buy locally produced sweets and locally produced honey. The most famous foods are kebab, Çiğköfte, lahmacun and kokoreç. And there are also foods suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. So it can be a big reason to live by moving to Turkey.  

Clean and Natural Air

Turkey, which also incorporates the four seasons, the Mediterranean climate, and ocean climate ranging terrestrial climate is considered one of the few countries in the world. Surrounded by open seas and mountains, the country offers thousands of natural wonders to those who live.

Oceanic climate is observed in the northern regions, the continental climate is observed in the inner regions, while a mild Mediterranean climate is observed in the southern regions. Turkey has a climate diversity, rich vegetation, and magnificent forest with almost a miracle of nature.

In the southern regions, the summer season is long and hot. Especially in July and August, although the temperature reaches 35 °, Turkish houses built with natural materials, taking into account the characteristics of the seasons, are resistant to the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Generally, buildings are designed with large windows and large balconies in order to use sunlight in the most efficient way.

Strong Infrastructure of cities

Marmaray Project, an underwater tunnel connecting Europe and Asia, New Istanbul Airport, Eurasia Tunnel are among the major projects of the country.

The 50-kilometer Canal Istanbul Project, which will connect the Black Sea from the northern European side of Istanbul to the Marmara Sea in the south, is expected to reduce the ship traffic passing through the Istanbul Strait, especially the oil tanker traffic.

Technological transportation

Have an easier life in terms of transportation with major projects in the country is considered one of the important reasons for living and investing in Turkey.

Powerful health services

Health services provided by Turkey are considered among the best in the world. In the last 10 years, the strong economy of the country has enabled the development of medical infrastructure. In addition to the fact that country centers have modern hospitals and state-of-the-art medical equipment, hospitals in small regions also have specialist equipment at the standards of big cities.

Educational institutions train professional experts in the field of medicine. The Foreigners residing in Turkey have health insurance mandatory and foreigners can receive the best health care in almost every region. There is almost no medicine shortage in the country. So it is such a big opportunity to live here.

Cheap Accommodation

It is possible to have a low budget holidays in Turkey. Didim – Aydın, Eskişehir, Amasra – Bartın, Sığacık & Foça – İzmir, Gaziantep, Gökçeada & Assos – Çanakkale, Avşa – Balıkesir, Akyaka – Muğla are the hidden paradises in this beautiful country.

Profitable Investment Opportunities

Turkey, which is among the few countries with a variety of activities that can be performed through the four seasons climate. Some of the activities you can do here; summer and winter skiing, sailing, climbing, golf, historical tours, safari, rafting, trekking, swimming, island tours, diving, mountain biking, paragliding.

Natural Beauties

The church in the Byzantine period, the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is now used as a mosque, the Blue Mosque with six minarets, the Basilica Cistern, a work of Byzantine engineering, the Topkapi Palace, which has become a symbol of the Ottoman Empire, and the Archeology Museum, which contains extraordinary collections, are definitely worth seeing.

Sümela Monastery, which is built on a steep rock, fascinates those who see in Cappadocia covered with fairy chimneys, Nemrut Mountain National Park, which is home to the ancient city and ruins of the Commagene Kingdom, and Kaunos King Cemetery, which draws attention with its rock-cut tombs for kings.

St. Nicholas Church is located among the most important monuments of the Byzantine period, Aphrodisias Museum and excavation still continues today, 7,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids and it is determined that the Gobekli Tepe, is among Turkey’s treasury. In addition, the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the world, made entirely of marble, and the ancient ruins of the city of Lycia in Patara are among the must-see places.

Safe Neighborhoods

Istanbul is a much safer city compared to many cities in Europe and it is an extremely welcoming city for its guests who want to move in. Tarabya, Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Adalar, Beykoz, Riva, Etiler, Ulus are among the most preferred neighborhoods and districts by investors.

Hospitable Community

The Turkish nation has always welcomed its guests in the best way possible. They want to host the foreign people in the best way by providing all of their needs in a spectacular manner. They act like the guests are from their families.  You can be welcomed anywhere in the world, but being hospitable in such a way is unique to us.

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